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And to all a good night: the Bradford Group’s guide to wrapping up 2014

December 23, 2014 Bradford Group Administrator


The holiday rush isn’t confined to malls, the post office or I-65. It spills in through the office doors and makes its way onto our over-packed calendars, endless post-it notes and stacks of e-mails.

These last weeks in the office have been invigorating, or overwhelming (whichever way you choose to look at it). I’ve loved the rush, the added holiday to-dos, the end-of-year meetings and the wrapping up of everything 2014. This week, I’m thankful for a built-in break, a short hiatus and a time to repower for the new year. Whether you have relatives crashing your pad for the holidays, or you’re laying low, this is the best time to pause, reflect and spend time with those you care about most.

How to prepare for 2015 in the office

  • Align goals of the entire team: Your company is a totally different company than it was in January of 2014. You’ve probably gained fresh faces, started new initiatives and stopped others. Before embarking on anything 2015-related, take time to applaud the victories of this past year and set company-wide priorities for the upcoming year as a team.
  • Identify areas of personal weakness: Be introspective and determine a short list of areas in which you would like to develop in 2015. It’s easy to wishfully think that in the new year you’ll be more efficient, organized, or focused, but without taking personal responsibility for areas you could improve, none of that is going to happen. Seek out feedback from others, positive and negative, to help determine which skills to work on.
  • Set time aside to strategize: You can’t afford to do everything the same this next year. It’s time to be agile and creative, to paint the big picture for your clients and dream of where you want to take them by this time next year.

How to prepare for 2015 out of the office

Your non-work life, the hours you spend rejuvenating on your couch, painting canvases in the basement or hiking winding trails with your friends, drives your productivity in the office and overall personal satisfaction. Like any other week, it’s important to spend those hours outside the office in ways that energize you. Here are some recommendations for places in Nashville to unwind and gear-up for the new year:

  • For a casual date: Holidays can’t help but be romantic. If you’re looking for the perfect date spot, try out Hillsboro Village’s newest restaurant, Lucky Belly. It’s funky, imaginative and your date is sure to find something delicious to try on its burger, sushi and spiked-shake menu.
  • For those New Year’s resolutions: Consistent physical activity is known to be a mood-lifter and increase workplace productivity. Nashville’s workout headquarters include the high-intensity Barry’s Bootcamp, the lean-muscle producing Pure Barre and the stress-relieving, anger absorbing HOTBOX, just to name a few. With a couple days off, take a moment to set realistic physical goals for yourself. Join a gym or a fitness program or find someone with like-minded goals to add a level of accountability
  • For not your average Joe: To get your indulgent holiday drink fix, tuck yourself away (with a friend) at Edgehill Cafe and choose your poison from their seasonal drink menu. Their offerings are an experimental twist on espresso and milk, and if you’re willing to be adventurous, you’ll taste notes of gingerbread or blackberry chai.

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