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Workplace Culture from the Eyes of a Bradford Group Newbie

September 19, 2016 Bradford Group Administrator

Stock photo: Pexels

Stock photo: Pexels

When you accept a job offer, you’re also accepting a new work family and culture. After all, most working people spend more time Monday through Friday in the workplace with their colleagues than they do at home their families. So, shouldn’t we love the environment in which we work?

Company Culture at the Bradford Group

Before accepting my position with the Bradford Group, I did quite a bit of research online about the company and its culture – and I was intrigued. Now, here I am, sitting in my office, writing a blog post about the Bradford Group culture, and, man, am I excited to tell you that every bit of what I read online was true.

Here are five elements of the Bradford Group’s company culture that mean the most to me:


  • Professional Development. At the Bradford Group, everyone is encouraged to constantly develop professionally, and in fact, each staff member is allowed a stipend towards professional development – whether that be a networking group, professional program, educational course, etc. The point here is that if you’re out there constantly developing your mind, your skillset and yourself, you’re also developing the company because you’re developing the people in it.


  • Fun. Girls (and boys) just want to have fun – and the Bradford group does, too. Each Friday towards the end of the day, we come together in our kitchen to share libations and conversation. We play games or chat about current events and weekend plans and enjoy a beverage (or two), all while catching great views of downtown from our trendy East Nashville office. In addition, we plan company outings, quarterly celebrations and internal parties to keep things entertaining. For instance, one of my colleagues planned a blog party – equipped with chips and dips, of course – so the team could push out some fresh blog content. But first, guac.


  • Private and Comfortable Workspaces. The management team at the Bradford Group believes in private workspaces, as opposed to open work areas, and I certainly don’t have any complaints about that. Our space has multiple individual offices within it, as well as several meeting and common areas. It’s convenient and efficient to be able to close my door to speak with a client, reporter or colleague – and having a handful of meeting areas allows multiple groups to meet and discuss projects simultaneously.


  • Support.

    From my very first day at the Bradford Group, I felt an underlying sense of support.

    Yes, of course I was told I would be supported, but it’s a different thing to feel It kind of feels like a group of professionals coming together with one common goal – which is to be the best PR partner for our clients – and we’re all equally working towards that goal. Each employee also has bi-monthly “checking-in” meetings with the management team to simply discuss how things are going – personally and professionally. All staff members were created equally at the Bradford Group. There are hundreds of projects going on at any given time, and while we all wear multiple hats, we often wear some of the same ones. Everything is a team effort here, and when that’s the case, everyone is treated and respected the same.


It’s no secret that company culture drives employee satisfaction. A study by The University of Warwick showed that happy employees are 12 percent more productive than the average employee, and in contrast, an unhappy employee is 10 percent less productive than the average. I’ll just say we make a lot happen at the Bradford Group, and we get some awesome results for our clients – I’ll let you do the math.

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