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Why You Should NOT Hire a Marketing Consultant

February 19, 2013 Gina Gallup

say_no_to_marketingIt’s easy to do one’s own marketing these days. Tips and tools are conveniently accessible and affordable. So, take advantage of that and don’t hire someone specialized in the field.

Here are a few (slightly tongue-in-cheek) reasons to NOT hire a marketing consultant:

If you don’t need PR.
Yes, dedicated public relations professionals will have relationships with the media and know how to forge new ones. Yes, they will know how to successfully create and pitch stories that will get placed in mediums that reach your target markets. Yes, they can adeptly manage crisis communications and negative press if necessary. But, hey, if your friend’s second cousin twice removed took a college class about writing a press release, you’re absolutely right to use her.

If you already have a Facebook page.
Social media is easy. Just set up a Facebook page and you’re done. Okay, a marketing professional may be strategic about engaging social media, determining which platforms to be on and understanding the right keywords to talk about. A pro may even be able to identify the influential users in each medium that can impact my audience, and may know how to interact with them. But if you don’t actually want to make new posts that inspire engagement, you’re on the right track. Plus you can have Facebook entries automatically post to Twitter, meaning you don’t have to log in there everyday (whew). And things like Pinterest or Google+? Who uses that, right?

Hey, if your friend’s second cousin twice removed took a college class about writing a press release, you’re absolutely right to use her.

If you have graphic design and/or video software.
So, a professional may be able to concept, visualize and illustrate an aesthetic representation of your message. And that person may have the intuitive sense and experience to know the best way to combine beauty, clarity and symbolism to promote a brand. But it’s a DIY world. Microsoft Word has templates for brochures, flyers, business cards and other marketing pieces, plus photos or videos can be shot on a mobile device and edited it on the software that comes standard on a computer. No one can tell the difference, right?

If you don’t need proactive marketing.
Professional consultants may say that they’ll continually work to generate publicity or marketing tactics that result in sales. To do that, though, they’d have to learn your industry and your company, evaluate the marketing landscape and tailor innovative strategies for your situation. That just sounds crazy – like they would become partners in promoting your business. And marketing consultants don’t work like that, right?



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