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Why You Need a Full-Service Public Relations Firm

August 30, 2013 Bradford Group Administrator

I came to the Bradford Group from a boutique public relations firm in Chicago that specialized in one industry. The firm dabbled in graphic design and video Social_Media_Marketingproduction, but media relations for franchise companies was the firm’s bread and butter. That singular focus isn’t a bad thing, but clients get more out of a full-service firm.

At the Bradford Group, we’re publicists and media lovers, but we can do so much more than secure press coverage for our clients. Need a video? A logo? We can do that.

We pride ourselves on hiring smart people. Even better, we hire smart people with a range of skills. This is what makes us a full-service PR and marketing firm.

So how does this help you? It’s simple: consistency, convenience and cost.


Your brand is one of the most important parts of your business. If you have one firm controlling all aspects of your design and content, there is an inherent consistency. Just like you want a consistent voice handling your social media, having one firm in charge of your marketing and communications keeps it coherent and strengthens your message.


There’s also a convenience factor. After a few months, public relations firms establish a good working relationship with their clients. We can anticipate your needs—nominating your business for awards, pitching your story to journalist we’re talking to and more without a second thought. We can suggest a new piece of marketing collateral or a video before you realize you need it. We already know how your business works and how to maximize your value, and we’re thinking about it on a daily basis.


Just like you can save money by bundling phone, Internet and cable with Comcast, combining all of your marketing services in one firm is less expensive. Individual projects like videos or brochures may be billed separately, but you’ll probably save money if you already have a set retainer for other marketing work. The other benefit is the increased efficiency that comes from a firm that already knows your history, your core values and your priorities. You don’t have to waste time and money explaining your business because we already understand it.

Communications is critical to helping a business succeed. The ability to communicate what your business does is second only to what your business actually does on a day-to-day basis. Your communications strategy is more than just public relations and media hits or marketing materials or videos. It’s a combination of all of those things, and it often takes more than local and national press hits to get your message across. When you need to outsource public relations, design, video and more, it makes sense to go to a firm that can handle it all under one roof.

Photo credit: Paola peralta via Creative Commons

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