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Why I’m hipper than ever – I’m a part of a Nashville marketing firm

March 20, 2013 Bradford Group Administrator

purple adidasLately I’m feeling my hip factor soar. Give it another week and the charts won’t even be able to measure my hipness. To shed some perspective, the last time I felt this “with-it” was circa 7th grade when I finally got a pair of purple Adidas sneakers.

Why am I so in vogue you ask? Well…not only am I a Nashvillian, which is so hot right now according to the New York Times, Forbes and countless other publications, but I’m also a marketer. It’s my marketing prowess that has largely contributed to my recent hike on the hipness hierarchy.

Recent stats indicate the demand for my skillset is on the rise:

I’m starting to feel validated. Until recently marketing was (incorrectly) considered a soft skill with intangible results. All that has changed in this “Age of Big Data.” The era we’ve recently embarked

upon where data is more deeply analyzed to make business decisions. Experience, gut feelings and surface data are no longer enough.

The Internet has played a major role in this transition because it has helped collect much of the necessary data. Every time consumers visit webpages, post or share on social media or download digital offers, it’s documented.

Here’s where the increasing demand for marketers, and therefore my increasing popularity, comes in. With big data, marketers are equipped to:

  • Optimize content – Marketers, especially those with an inbound marketing specialty, can analyze the abundance of data collected on the Web to strategically develop content to attract potential customers to websites, catalog their information and develop additional content to further persuade prospects to buy.
  • Demonstrate return on investment (ROI) – We marketers were often undervalued because historically we couldn’t easily quantify our ROI. With the advent of big data we can now pinpoint who exactly is buying your product, what media campaign lead him or her to your site, how long they stayed on particular pages, and what content persuaded them to buy.

It’s fair to say the marketer’s role is becoming more technological. Gartner analysts predict by 2017 CMOs will spend more money on technology than CIOs.

A recent Wall Street Journal article begged the question, why are marketers best equipped to delve into this “big data”? Why not leave it to the tech squad?

Danielle Eldredge in 7th grade

Because marketers are communicators and writers. Without these two skills, the data collected from the Internet is just data. We marketers can translate that data to better cater website, blog, social media and email content to the most desirable prospects.

Currently, the Bradford Group is the only Hubspot-certified Nashville marketing firm. Every member of our team has completed Hubspot’s inbound marketing curriculum, which outlines best practices for optimizing content to drive customers to our clients’ websites. This coupled with our traditional marketing and public relations know-how makes us well…super hip.

I may have finally exceeded my 7th grade level of hipness. 


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