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Who is the Bradford Group?

April 23, 2013 Bradford Group Administrator

Who is the Bradford Group?

Well, for starters, the Bradford Group is a marketing firm in Nashville, Tennessee. We’re much more than that though. We’re a team of eight Groupies (that’s our collective pet name for one another), with unique backgrounds, skillsets and personalities that when combined, create a formula for marketing magic.

Our formula is:


Let me back up a bit.

Andy Bailey

Andy Bailey, Biz Coach Extraordinaire

Every quarter we groupies meet with entrepreneur coach extraordinaire, Andy Bailey of Petra Coach, and together we review, set and plan our quarterly and annual company goals.

It’s a great process that helps us align so we can all work toward and achieve our grandest ambitions.

It works too. In January 2012 our founder, Jeff Bradford, aimed to grow the Bradford Group by 50% over the course of the year. Fast-forward to December 2012, the Bradford Group touts 70% growth from the year prior!

There’s a lot to learn from the entire quarterly planning process and what our planning sessions teach us about the importance of team and the individuals who make it.

Andy always says: “The only thing your company has that your competition doesn’t is your team – your people.”

Competitors can login to the same software, read the same industry bestsellers and implement the same processes and strategies. But, at the end of the day, they can’t clone your people (not yet anyway).

The Bradford Group’s focus on the individual leads us to examine our unique personalities and skillsets more closely with personality assessment tools like DiSC.  It’s a psychology-based behavior examination that asks a series of questions to determine an individual’s proclivity toward Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.

By identifying each Bradford Groupie’s DiSC profile, we each gain an understanding of what makes the other tick.

For instance, I’m an ID– meaning I operate primarily from the Influence quadrant and secondarily from the Dominant quadrant. This doesn’t mean I don’t have any hints of “C” or “S”—actually each person has all qualities—it’s just that I most often and naturally operate from ID.


DiSC is best depicted in this circle:


Danielle Eldredge DiSC

My DiSC Profile

The black dot symbolizes my DiSC score. Surrounding the circle you see, challenge, results, action, enthusiasm, collaboration, etc. Nearest my dot are results, action and enthusiasm.

As much as I like to think I’m a mysterious and complex individual, this black dot sums me up pretty well. I’m driven by results, action and enthusiasm whereas those qualities furthest from me, like accuracy, stability and support do not motivate me.

Now hold on just a minute. Just because the latter three aren’t in my wheelhouse, doesn’t mean I’m not accurate, stable or supportive, it means I am not inspired or excited by those trademarks. Actually, since DiSC has given me further understanding into my proclivities, I understand that I need to pay more attention to the lesser-represented part of my personality, which is the C quadrant, Compliance.

Andy also teaches us that to maximize team member productivity, people should have jobs they’re good at and enjoy doing. DiSC comes into play here as well.

My DiSC profile outlines that I like being social and am invigorated by taking action. Because of this, I like spearheading group projects, but I may not gravitate toward sorting through the logistics of said project. Another Bradford Groupie in the C quadrant who is systematic and driven by analytics would enjoy this aspect of the project. By understanding our strengths, we can maximize efficiency.

This is not to say we view each other in boxes, we don’t at all.  This is one tool, which helps us understand each other’s comfort zones, strengths and communication styles.

All of our strengths combine to create the Bradford Group – a full service marketing and PR firm in Nashville, Tennessee.

One Dominant groupie + 3 compliant groupies + 2 steady groupies + 2 influential groupies = the Bradford Group.tbg blog

Has your company taken advantage of DiSC? Let me know what it’s done for you. Comment below.






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