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What do Bradford PR and a summer afternoon have in common?

June 14, 2013 Bradford Group Administrator

I am not a natural-born salesperson. If you ask my co-workers, friends or family to describe my personality, the words “extroverted,” “charismatic,” or “personable” would likely never leave their lips.

I’m more your quiet, analytic type who gets nervous interacting with the pizza delivery guy. I don’t get amped about the prospect of bringing in a big account, or particularly enjoy talking to strangers. Cold calling makes my skin crawl.

The first time I did have to cold call, I was selling newspaper subscriptions for a daily paper in Wisconsin. Before my first shift, I spent 20 minutes in the third stall of the ladies restroom crying in unadulterated terror.

baby birdLike a baby bird learning to fly, there’s nothing more helpful in locating your wings than 40 hang-ups and one I’m sure very well-meaning old man calling me a communist. Selling my first paid-in-full Sunday subscription certainly helped too. And while cold calling still isn’t my jam, I do now find beauty in an expertly crafted assumptive sell, and three-objection sales deserve nothing less than a fist pump.

What I’ve realized in my ripe old age of 26 is that selling becomes easy when you 100% believe that what you’re selling can help solve one, if not multiple, problems for the person on the other side of your pitch.

summer afternoon hammockHere comes the hokey part of this blog entry, and I hope that I don’t lose you because I mean this with total sincerity—a descriptor that friends would use to describe me—but selling Bradford PR and marketing services is as simple as a summer afternoon spent napping in my hammock.

Why? Because I have seen public relations solve any number of problems that business leaders butt up against better than any other service, software or solution that’s available.

If you want to grow like gangbusters…

PR warms your leads, sales closes them. There’s nothing like a well-placed article in the Wall Street Journal, InfoWorld or your local business publication to accelerate growth.

If you need a translator…

Deduplication. Integrator. Wireframe. Are words like these a part of your daily communications? Do they leave potential clients and investors staring at you like you have two heads? Sometimes it takes a little plain language to tell your company’s complex and vibrant story.

If you’re looking to attract investors…

It’s hard to court potential investors or buyers if your company is the best kept secret in your industry. There’s nothing like a PR campaign to increase visibility and attract the right kind of attention.

If you want your community to know more about you than your title…

Nobody wants to be a one-trick pony. Maybe you want to branch out of your traditional field or start a new enterprise. By securing and penning a column for an industry blog, podcast or publication, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in a breadth of interrelated topics and industries.

Your work is really interesting—how about you let someone tell that story. If you’re not sure what exactly the story is, let a PR professional ferret out the newsworthy details that make your organization unique.

If you want to be “the quiet company”…

Establishing a reputation for conservative, focused operations usually doesn’t just happen on its own, someone guides that process. This is especially true if you work in a volatile or catty industry, like real estate or politics or public relations… Hiring a media relations specialist to run point and establish consistent messaging is key in building a quiet, consistent brand.

If your brand needs a low budget shakeup…

Big dollar ad campaigns are better left within the episodes of Mad Men. A simple PR or social media message can make your brand relevant again. Oreo’s Super Bowl “You can still dunk in the dark” tweet is a perfect example of this.

If you’re new to town…

Nothing is more daunting than breaking into a new market, unless of course you have a team of local PR professionals with established media relationships on your side.

If you operate in a mature industry…

Stay relevant…enough said.

If you frequently hear, “Wow, that’s really interesting.”

Your work is really interesting—how about you let someone tell that story. If you’re not sure what exactly the story is, let a PR professional ferret out the newsworthy details that make your organization unique.

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