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The Do’s and Don’ts of Applying For Internships

September 10, 2015 Bradford Group Administrator

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We are fortunate to work with some of the best and brightest interns. Previous interns have created incredible videos, playlists and contributed to company and client events. They’ve inspired us and challenged our team—and we’re grateful that they devoted their time to strengthening our growing company.

Applying and interviewing for internships is often new territory for many students and recent grads. So we applaud you for putting yourself out there. And while you may amaze us with your social media prowess, your writing skills and your overall professionalism, you are probably still figuring out the details of the interview process. Here’s a collection of some of our do’s and don’ts when it comes to applying for internships:

Follow protocol

It’s strategic to leverage existing relationships if you have them, but don’t skip any applications or questions you are asked to complete. Do everything to your best ability and don’t rely on a resume or your “in” to a company. Brands want to see that you can manage a given process and follow through on deliverables.

Pay attention to communication

Check for the details in any email correspondence. If your contact CC’d another team member on the email, it’s likely because she needs to play a role in the ongoing communication. So be sure to include her in your reply email.

If a company specifies to include a cover letter in the body of an email rather than as an attachment, make sure to heed these instructions.

Figure out your Skype name beforehand

Did you land a Skype interview? Congrats, just remember that technology messes up—all the time. Control what you can, like confirming the time of your interview (pay close attention to the time zone of your potential employer), testing out your video camera, making sure your Internet connection is stable and that your Skype handle is ready to go.

Print out resume

No matter if your interview is on the phone, on Skype or in person, you need to have at least one printed version of your resume. Your interviewer has likely looked over it prior to the meeting and may have some specific questions on hand. Or, you may be asked to walk through the details of your resume. Asking the interviewer questions like “Does it say that I worked at the Governor’s office in the spring or summer?” communicates that you are not confident in or well acquainted with your experiences and skills.

What we look for in our interns is the ability to learn quickly, a hunger to be challenged and an interest in our clients and our work.

Ask questions

We know you’ve got them. It’s refreshing to see students or recent grads who are interested in our clients, our goals and our culture.


One of the best ways to get to know a brand is through its social media channels. Keep up with recent developments of any companies you are interested in. Interviewers can easily tell whether or not someone has done their homework on the company and if they are genuinely excited about being a part of the team.

Don’t try to be someone you’re not

We don’t expect you to have loads of experience—that’s why you’re seeking an internship! What we look for in our interns is the ability to learn quickly, a hunger to be challenged and an interest in our clients and our work.

We want to get to know YOU! Your diverse set of interests would be valuable to our company! If you’re pursuing a fast-paced agency experience in Nashville with clients from diverse industries, consider spending your spring, summer or fall with us. Here’s an overview of what we pack into our public relations internships. Let’s talk soon.


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