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the Bradford Group Talent Show

October 16, 2013 Bradford Group Administrator

You’ve made it to the middle of the week! Congratulations and Happy Wednesday. To give you the momentum you need for Thursday and Friday, we decided to put together an entertaining (at least that was our intention) video that exposes the Bradford Groupies’ hidden talents. The talent winner will be determined by who gets the highest heat rating on our new video analytics app, Wistia.

Transcription: Hi, I’m Danielle and I’m a Bradford Groupie. As you know, about a year ago we joined the Hubspot team and added inbound marketing to our services. Husbpot recently incorporated a really cool video app, Wistia, to its inbound software. It allows us to help our clients find interested sales leads through videos. Another thing it enables us to do is see what parts of the video interests viewers the most—allowing us the understand what works and what doesn’t. So we thought we’d do a little experiment and find out what you guys like. I’m going to go in each groupie’s room and I’m going to ask him or her to demonstrate a unique talent. By what you watch rewatch and skip, we’ll be able to deduce what you like and we’ll keep doing more of that. Sounds good? Alright. The experiment starts now. 


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