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Thanksgiving Dinner, PR-Style

November 25, 2013 Bradford Group Administrator

medium_3010000110As a Los Angeles native, I am stuck 2,000 miles away from home (and my mom’s scrumptious cooking) this Thanksgiving holiday. Alas, I am tasked with hosting my own Thanksgiving feast for friends at my new Nashville home.

Though I probably should have begun preparations weeks ago, I figured starting the week of was as good a time as any. Putting my PR skills to the test, I am confident (crossing my fingers) that this Thanksgiving dinner will be a success.


Let’s handle this dinner planning PR-style, using the Bradford Group’s core values:

1.     Hire smart people.

It takes a team to build a strong PR campaign, and it’s no different making Thanksgiving dinner. It cannot be handled singlehandedly.

Making sure you have the right people on your side is key to any successful endeavor. Just as we only hire people who pass an aptitude test here at the Bradford Group, I am only recruiting the best cooks I know to help me prepare this dinner.

Chefs, like us PR folk, have different strong suits. Appoint the right people for the tasks that they will excel in. But remember, don’t let too many cooks in the kitchen!

2.     Generate measurable results. 

As with any PR campaign, the first step is to establish measurable goals. In this case, my goal is to feed X number of people. Take the average serving size of each dish and multiply it by the number of attendees X. Please note that this does not account for allergies, dislikes or weird diet requests.

For example, a box of Stove Top stuffing has a serving size of 28 grams. Multiply that by six guests, and you get 168 grams, or 6 ounces, which is one box. Voila! Who knew PR and cooking involved math?

3.     Be an active (marketing) partner.

Great PR firms are proactive and don’t wait to be told what to do. These firms determine what works and why, learn about new options and generate creative ideas.

Past Thanksgiving holidays, I will admit that I wasn’t the most proactive partner in the kitchen. I waited for my mom to pull me in to help prepare the mashed potatoes or stir the gravy.

However, this year will be different. I will take ownership and continually suggest, create and carry out actions to move the ball forward so we can all enjoy what really matters – spending time with family and friends.

So, here’s to a great Thanksgiving and to not overcooking the turkey like on National Lampoon’s Christmas VacationWish me luck!

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