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Newbie Notes: Taking on Nashville as a Young Professional

September 27, 2013 Bradford Group Administrator

I have only been a Bradford Groupie for about a week, but I have already learned a few practical life lessons during my time with the firm.


  1. The Chick-fil-A down the street closes at 2 p.m., so I can’t get my hopes up about waffle fries too late in the day.
  2. Macs are much better than PCs. Why it took me so long to realize this, I am not sure, but I am changing out my stinkthinkpad for a Macbook as soon as possible.
  3. Embracing my new job also means embracing a new lifestyle, as a “Nashville Young Professional.”


Music City has always been a hot spot for the young, driven and musically talented. If this were 10 years ago, I would have had a slim shot at success in Nashville with my mediocre harmonica skills, but in 2013, things are a little different.

nashville at night

A recent article in the Tennessean noted that Nashville’s economy has grown by nearly 4.5 percent in the past five years, more than double the national average, and job growth in the region ranks third in the nation at 8.5 percent.

Forbes even ranked Nashville fifth in its annual Best Places for Business and Careers List. If these promising statistics weren’t enough to attract the 20-something crowd, add a conveniently titled hit show to the mix, and suddenly you have the most popular town in the south.

Nashville may be hipster and trendy, but the life of a young professional isn’t necessarily the same way. Navigating the waters of the working world can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when you are a transplant in a new city with only a harmonica to your name.

The good news is that Nashville makes it easy to embrace this new stage in life with a variety of organizations catered to the YoPro demographic. The Nashville Junior Chamber, YP Nashville and Nashville Sports Leagues, among others, are organizations that help young people actively engage with the Nashville community and find causes they are passionate about.

Proactively seeking out your own opportunities is another empowering way to find your own Nashville YoPro identity, and there are a few easy things you can do to hit the ground running (OldPros, this one’s for you too).


  1. Get Familiar – From Germantown to 12South, Nashville has a nook or cranny for everyone. Go out and explore the city at every opportunity, and try to walk it as much as you can. The city will feel like home when you find favorite places to share with others.
  2. Get Friendly – You spend more time with your coworkers than your friends, so guess what, by default they ARE your friends. Make sure you take the time to get to know them and what they are about. Also, attend an event sponsored by a local organization and get to know people who share the same interests as you. Free food and free friends, what could be better?
  3. Get Focused – You have nine to five set aside to power through your job, so why not give it your undivided attention? Maintaining your focus throughout the day allows you to leave at the buzzer feeling fulfilled and accomplished, without the after-work worry.                                                                                             That focus can apply to other parts of your life as well. Give a friend your full attention after work, or offer dedicated time to a volunteer organization over the weekend to remain grounded in the things that matter, rather than letting stress take away from the valuable time you have outside of the office.
  4.  Get Funky – Try something new! Now is the time to find new hobbies and be adventurous, you’re a YoPro for crying out loud! Maybe you borrow a banjo and head to the Station Inn on   Sunday nights, or harness yourself up for a rock-climbing afternoon at Climb Nashville. The possibilities are endless in this town, so take advantage of them.

The Bradford Group office is full of people who have mastered the young professional lifestyle. These Groupies are dedicated to their clients, proactive in service and passionate about what they do, but they are also invested in each other and in their community.

Outside of work they are active and engaged citizens of Nashville, taking part in things like running groups, volunteer activities and service organizations.  They are a talented bunch with plenty of ambition to boot. If that sounds like you too, then check out our Account Executive position posted here and join us the pursuit of Nashville Young Public Relations Professionalism.


photo credit: Josh Hunter via Photopin 


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