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Tackling #Twitter and Growing Your Influence

September 12, 2014 Bradford Group Administrator

As if we all needed more reasons to impulse buy, Twitter announced this week that it was publicly testing a “buy” button that will allow users to purchase a product directly from a tweet. This could be a handy feature, but the addition also brings an urgency to re-evaluate your brand’s social media strategy. Even if your business is still struggling with how to gain followers or craft a perfectly worded tweet, creating a strong presence on Twitter is a must. Why? Because now, Twitter interaction can directly translate into sales for your brand.

Here are some basics to grow your Twitter influence.

Use a #hashtag

I get it. Hashtags can be an annoying. We all have that one friend that creates a mind-blowingly long hashtag or even better, adds 50 random hashtags at the end of an equally random post. Like the rest of us, you might be tired of hearing that someone is #soblessed  or #winning at life. Used correctly however, hashtags on Twitter

Hashtagconnect you with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people with the same ideas or interests as you and your brand. Hashtags have allowed such inventions as real-time travel talks with nomads across the world, Q & A forums with your favorite celebrities and the ability to instantly share commentary on a current event or show premiere. Choosing (and using!) a hashtagthat has relevance or significance to your brand can help people find you – especially within your industry. Consistently using the same hashtag, or group of hashtags, is also a great way to start building a timeline of your commentary on that subject. If someone looks through the tweets tagged with that hashtag, your brand would show up multiple times on the subject.

Interact with your followers

Gaining followers through hashtags and consistent social media efforts is the first step. The second step? Actually dialoging with them. Interacting with your followers can go either exceptionally right or horribly wrong. (Remember my fellow Groupie Samantha’s post on The Opportunism of Twitter?) To foster relationships with your followers, have someone in your organization routinely check the messages, retweets and notifications associated with your account. Consumers are frustrated if they reach out to a brand and are not acknowledged. Ignoring someone’s post or question aime

d at your company is the equivalent of disregarding an important email or customer service call. A well-crafted social media plan calls for regular posting and dialog to further your presence on Twitter. It can be easy for businesses to let social media efforts fall to the back burner, but consistent tweeting shows that you’re actively involved with what’s happening in your brand, industry and followers.

Engage with the right people

You’ve heard the saying, “It’s not what you know but who you know.” The phrase can be an annoying reminder that networking is indeed important, even if it feels awkward at times. For Twitter, the sentiment couldn’t be truer! Interacting with your consumers and audience is incredibly important, but it’s equally powerful to interact with influencers in your industry. So, who are these influencers? That’s a good question! They are decision makers, community leaders and organizations that create great industry-associated content. They are thought leaders, industry advocates and can be regionally or nationally based. To find influencers, try searching through hashtags or phrases associated with your industry. If you’ve got a large LinkedIn presence, go through your connections and make sure you’ve also connected to them on Twitter. Additionally, brainstorm a list of people you trust for market outlook and industry advice. Discovering and interacting with these influencers can be a direct link to your intended audience and potential customers.

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Happy tweeting!


Photo Credit: Ognian Mladenov

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