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Superstar Groupie Audrey Vermilyea Celebrates One Year at the Bradford Group

August 18, 2015 Bradford Group Administrator

We’ve had an exciting summer filled with loads of reasons to celebrate (see: here, here and here), and here’s one more: On August 6, Audrey Vermilyea celebrated one full year at the Bradford Group! In a short amount of time, Audrey certainly has made her mark – her clients love her AND she’s a delight to work with.

To celebrate, we asked Audrey some questions about her first year at the Bradford Group.IMG_2934

Describe your first day at the Bradford Group in one word: Fast. It hasn’t really slowed down since, but I like it that way. There’s never a moment I’m watching the clock tick down, and we’re always working on something new and exciting.

What’s been your favorite quarterly celebration or theme at the Bradford Group? Painting pottery

Office door open or closed? Closed so I can play my music louder :)

Favorite office must-have or accessory? When I’m trying to focus in on a project, a burning candle helps me get in the zone.

Favorite mid-day snack? Jake’s Bakes. Anyone with me?

Favorite Beer Friday beverage? I loved the time we made a spin-off of the Moscow Mules!

If you could keep the Bradford fridge stocked with just one thing, what would it be? Guacamole

Favorite project you’ve worked on? I loved being a part of Concept Technology’s event on company culture. We had the opportunity to work with some of the coolest companies in Nashville and the event itself was fun to be at.

Favorite/funniest Jeff Bradford memory? Jeff’s wig for Halloween takes the cake. I’m pretty sure we saw him wearing it outside of the office that day, too.

What’s the best thing about working at the Bradford Group? Everyone truly supports each other. I love collaborating with everybody and being friends in and out of work.

Advice to someone starting out in PR Read. Read. Read. Read the way your clients like to speak, find out how their audience best receives information and try to speak to a specific person each time you put pen to paper.

Congrats on an outstanding first year, Audrey, and here’s to many more! Cheers!


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