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Staying PR-Sharp

January 23, 2015 Bradford Group Administrator

smart1We’re pretty proud of the collective intelligence you’ll find at the Bradford Group. Aside from the fact that we absolutely crushed our goal at Nashville’s interactive brainteaser, The Escape Game, a few months ago, the aptitude of my fellow Groupies is obvious in our day-to-day work life. Whether we’re in a creative brainstorming session, discussing press strategies or learning a new client’s industry, each one contributes insightful and resourceful ideas.

This isn’t by chance, either. One of our core values is to hire smart people. But being smart certainly doesn’t stop once you’re on the payroll. We all make it a point to keep our cerebral juices flowing so that we’re constantly learning and always on top of our game.

If you want to improve your own PR smarts, consider these tips:

Keep an industry pulse. As PR professionals, it’s essential that we know what’s happening in our own industry. Keeping daily tabs on industry trends, developments and best practices helps us provide our clients with the most relevant, effective PR and marketing strategies. I like to read industry news sites and blogs, such as:

Devour news, news and more news. As smart PR pros, we have to be bona fide “news junkies” just like the journalists we interact with daily. I like to kick off my morning reading all the local news outlets, and then scan some national favorites, i.e. the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Ending the day with the 6:00 news while dinner is cooking makes for a nice bookend. And that’s just the bare bones. News should be part of your DNA – in the car, on social media and anywhere and everywhere you can find it.

Embrace the bookworm mentality. Generally speaking, constant readers are good thinkers, and we do a lot of both at the Bradford Group. Reading builds general knowledge, enhances your vocabulary and stimulates your brain. If it doesn’t seem obvious enough, studies find that reading can actually make you smarter. We’re not here to argue with science, so we’ve started an incentivized reading program through the Better Book Club. Whether it’s a novel that demonstrates exceptional, thoughtful writing or a strategy book on professional leadership, we’re open to reading anything that will make us better at our jobs and more cultured and studious individuals.

Teach it, preach it. Those who teach, learn. Not only do we regularly blog PR best practices and other insights on our website, but we’ve recently started “lunch-and-learn” program at the Bradford Group. Every other week, a Groupie will present a 30-minute seminar on a topic in which he or she is an expert. This gives us a chance to sharpen our individual strengths and share that insight with our colleagues. It’s a win-win.

Get street smart. There’s more to being a smart PR pro than a high IQ. By getting involved in local organizations and networking groups, we develop important relationships with people outside our firm, discuss new potential opportunities and stay connected to what’s happening in business, politics and culture. These relationships and insights help us to build our own brand and keep us aligned with what’s happening locally.

How do you keep your brain sharp? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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