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Spotlight on Molly — Our New Senior Account Executive

March 2, 2015 Bradford Group Administrator

Iroquois SteeplechaseMolly, our resident “Queen of Account Organization,” started her career at the Bradford Group almost three years ago. Starting out as an Account Associate, she’s now managing multiple accounts as a Senior Account Executive. I sat down with Molly to talk about what she’s learned in each of her positions, her favorite memories at TBG, and advice she’d give to those interested in pursuing a career in PR.

Absorb Like a Sponge

Molly was TBG’s first Account Associate (AA), so a large part of her experience was figuring out what that role looked like not only for herself, but also for future AAs to follow. She was the agency’s ultimate utility player, filling in where busy Account Executives needed her. Working on so many accounts gave Molly a chance to learn TBG’s clients like the back of her hand. As someone new to Nashville, getting to know the agency’s clients was a way to get to know the landscape of the city. Her biggest takeaway from her time as an AA was figuring out how to learn quickly and how to manage her time when it seemed like there just wasn’t enough time in the day.

Keep the Plates Spinning

The biggest transition from AA to AE is being responsible for managing accounts and interfacing with clients directly. Instead of just assisting on accounts, an AE owns them. From delegating to AAs, to making sure that a project summary is up to date and ready for a face-to-face meeting with a client, the learning curve can be huge. But Molly made it look easy. The most difficult part of this role, Molly says, is finding the time to do everything you want to do for a client. But, after running multiple client accounts and executing them without breaking a sweat, it’s clear Molly has mastered the art of delivering results for her clients even if there are only 24 hours in a day.

Shooting for the SAE Stars

As an SAE, responsibilities shift to looking at things through a bigger lens. In her new role, Molly hopes to learn more about management and account strategy so that she can think more “big picture” for her clients. Having been through early account roles at TBG, she understands what each position entails and will use that knowledge as she hones her delegation skills. Molly will also be crucial to developing TBG’s culture initiatives, a cause she championed as an AE.

Favorite Groupie Memory

Molly’s been known for putting in long nights for our client Iroquois Steeplechase, the premier spring horse race in Nashville. One of her favorite memories while working with TBG is seeing all of her hard work pay off at last year’s race. After two months of working day and night on the event, everything went off without a hitch.

A Word from the Wise

The advice from our new SAE is simple: work really hard and be willing to put in the time. Early on in her career, Molly used her roles at TBG as opportunities to learn new things as frequently as possible, and also to take on more responsibilities as they were presented. She urges those looking to climb the ranks to show that they’re capable of taking over accounts. The most successful people at TBG are those that work hard, take charge the right way and are always hungry to learn.

We’re lucky to have Molly, an SAE that shows those qualities daily!

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