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Put the Super Bowl in Your Inbound Marketing

January 31, 2014 Bradford Group Administrator

This Sunday, millions of Americans will be sitting in front of their televisions for the most watched sporting event of the year: the Super Bowl.

If you don’t have millions of dollars to spend in advertising during the big game (spots cost a record $4.5 million this year), there are other ways you can attract prospective customers by earning their attention with the following inbound marketing strategies.

1. Blogging

A big part of inbound marketing is creating and sharing valuable content for your target audience. Blogging using specific keywords, like the Super Bowl, can help increase your website’s SEO.

So, write a blog post with a Super Bowl theme, much like I’m doing right now, to generate both game attention and search traffic. Austin real estate franchise, Keller Williams Realty, Inc., did just that in its latest blog post on a SuperBowl approach to the real estate business.

2. Social Media

The digital world allows companies to reach their audiences like never before. Leveraging your social media channels, especially Facebook and Twitter, encourages your audience to engage with your brand or product and ultimately build a relationship with it.

Interact with your audience about the Super Bowl in a way that ties it back to your business. Follow Arby’s lead at the GRAMMYs or Oreo’s during last year’s Super Bowl power outage. Sure, it means that you will need someone on your team working while watching the game, but the results are definitely worth it!


3. Video

Maybe you don’t have a spare $5 million in your back pocket, but if you have a video camera and an engaging way to tell your story, you can film your own Super Bowl commercial to share on your website, YouTube channel and social media sites. A creative, attention-grabbing video will not only drive traffic to your website, but it will also increase awareness of your business and most likely generate more leads and sales.

Newcastle’s “non-Super Bowl” ad featuring Anna Kendrick is the perfect example.

These strategies can be used for other popular events and holidays, such as the Olympics, Valentine’s Day or Fourth of July. Try them out and see how they work for your business.

Go Broncos!

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