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Puppies and Public Relations

November 25, 2013 Bradford Group Administrator

photo[1]I recently got a goldendoodle puppy, Tory, and after a few days of taking care of her, I began to see parallels between having a puppy and having a career in public relations.


When Tory isn’t in her crate or pen, we have to follow her around vigilantly to prevent accidents and to keep her from chewing on every surface in the apartment. I follow Tory around the way I follow up with reporters every day. In public relations, we are constantly trying to get our clients in the news. Sometimes this is as simple as sending an email, but more often than not it requires a follow up phone call.


Everything is new to Tory. After a couple of days, she realized she was small enough to go under things like the coffee table and bar stools. A week later, she learned to go up the stairs. It’s fun to watch her learn, and it’s similar to my day-to-day working at a PR firm. Everyday I learn something new. As a full service firm, I handle everything from media relations and inbound marketing to event planning and award nominations and more. Learning new skills and doing so many different things in a day keeps it interesting.


We feed Tory at the same times every day. Keeping her on a schedule makes my life easier. Public relations is also scheduled-oriented. We deal with deadlines every day because meeting a reporter’s deadline makes them far more likely to work with us again in the future. Publicists also use tools like editorial calendars to schedule media pitches throughout the year.


photoWhen we first brought Tory home, we had a few different toys ready. We wanted to see what she liked most before we went (more) crazy at Petsmart. It turns out that Tory likes all kinds of toys: stuffed animals, balls, rope toys and bones. If you compare toys to skills, publicists also have many at hand at all times. If you want to work at a PR firm, you have to be organized, efficient and smart. Writing is as important as being able to converse with clients and reporters. The job requires a well-rounded person.

Obviously, I’m oversimplifying both public relations and taking care of a new puppy, but it’s interesting to look at the similarities between personal and professional.

More puppy pictures (because you know you want to see them):












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