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Nashville PR – Public Relations That Target an “It” City

March 6, 2017 Gina Gallup

Nashville public relationsThere are many things about public relations that translate across the board. For example, writing skills are essential in most of what we do, as is the ability to judge how a message will be received by a particular audience. And because our PR work is based on our being good content marketers, the work we do easily encompasses national, local and trade media as well as social media and content marketing.

Targeting the content is key. And when thinking about doing PR on a local level, especially for business-to-business companies, it’s important to understand the community – what makes it tick and what the pain points are. Having that information helps you better interact with journalists and provide information that is meaningful to them. Here are some things we keep in mind when working on Nashville PR:

Nashville is an entrepreneurial town. With our eclectic culture, our continued recognition on national lists as a top city to live in, our range of industries and talents, our economy and the sheer number of people moving here daily, it makes sense that our city fosters an entrepreneurial mindset. Plus, we have many resources for people who start or want to start new companies, like Entrepreneur’s Organization, the Entrepreneur Center, Partnership 2020 and more. That behavior extends throughout the city so that Nashville is full of go-getters with can-do attitudes who make things happen.

Nashville is becoming known as a tech city. Many of the companies being created or moving to town deal in technology. A lot of these companies work in healthcare technology, which makes sense, since healthcare contributes $38.8 billion and more than 250,000 jobs to our local economy annually. But our tech industry also includes companies that work with product data, forensics, data analytics and more, as well as companies that handle the I.T. for our other large industries, including automotive, financial, real estate, manufacturing and others. That’s why we are becoming a top city for tech talent.

Nashville is booming, which brings both opportunities and challenges. We have so much construction going on here that there is a web page dedicated to counting the number of construction cranes in Nashville, which number more than those in New York City. All that work, plus all the new businesses and people coming in, means that just about everyone here is thinking about traffic, public transit options and the cost of housing – in addition to being excited about the many new restaurants and shops. That growth also means we have a culture that is even more cosmopolitan than it’s been in the past – with all nationalities, belief systems and ideas represented.

And once you know how to understand and be plugged into one city, the concepts can translate to any city. That’s why we can also get local PR for our clients wherever they are.

Nashville is full of freelancers. We are Music City, USA, after all, so we have musicians everywhere. And beyond that, we have a very creative culture, encouraging artisans, crafters and creators of all kinds. We also have people who are self-employed in areas from fashion to farming. Plus we have a large roster of people working in ground transportation, pushing us to the forefront of the gig economy. All that freelance activity has an effect on how and when we like to work and play, the ways we interact and what we value.

So, for the B2B companies that we work with that want local press, we like to think about how their stories fit into what’s going on throughout Nashville. Do they have a new take on an existing discussion? Can they offer a solution to a problem? Can they expound on a new trend? We also make sure that we’re plugged into different facets of our city and get involved in multiple organizations and groups so we can have our proverbial ears to the ground. That’s what makes Nashville PR work well. And once you know how to understand and be plugged into one city, the concepts can translate to any city. That’s why we can also get local PR for our clients wherever they are. But our home base will always be in the diverse and energetic city that is Nashville, Tennessee.


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