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My First Year in PR – 3 Things I’ve Learned

June 2, 2017 Bradford Group Administrator

PRThere’s something about anniversaries that causes us to look back on a certain time period and reflect on where we started—and how far we’ve come. As I approach my one-year anniversary with the Bradford Group, I’ve been thinking about the past 12 months and all I’ve learned about PR. My time here has flown by, and I wouldn’t choose to have spent it anywhere else. Here’s a glimpse at what I’ve learned after one year in PR:

1. How to think like a PR pro

There seems to be a certain mindset you develop when working in the PR industry. In many ways, I could see this starting to mature while I was in college, but my first year has really brought it on full force. I’ve learned how to help others see a potential story, even when, on the surface, it may appear as though there isn’t one. I’ve learned to look at content differently—even when I’m not at work—and to analyze the strategy behind a certain social media campaign or product placement and determine its effectiveness. I’ve also learned how to identify new PR opportunities for a company, like how to position itself as a thought leader in its industry or capitalize on current events in the media.

The PR mindset has quickly become second nature to me and has taught me to look at things differently and approach them in a new way.

Working in this industry for a year has given me a new appreciation for what public relations is and does.

2. The importance of a team

Teamwork makes the dream work. Seriously.

I’ve learned how vital it is to have a dedicated team working together toward the same goals. If teammates are disconnected or not on the same page, it can mean headaches and stress. But our team works like a well-oiled machine, supporting one another in our different roles and knowing when to lead versus when to follow.

It’s comforting to know we don’t have to carry the weight of our responsibilities alone. Teammates are willing to pitch in when things get busy, and we can rely on each other on a daily basis. We also balance out one another’s strengths and weaknesses and encourage each other both professionally and personally. We band together when things get stressful and later celebrate our successes as a group. Needless to say, the Bradford Group is the true definition of a team.

3. The value of PR

Working in this industry for a year has given me a new appreciation for what public relations is and does. I recognize what a key role our PR efforts play in our clients’ successes. Today’s business world is competitive—to say the least—so when it comes to navigating the uncharted waters of media relations, digital marketing and thought leadership, choosing a PR partner is one of the best ways a company can set itself apart from the competition and be in a position to succeed. I’ve had the opportunity to witness this personally and know that PR is a key aspect in any successful business strategy.

My first year at the Bradford Group has afforded me new skills and powerful insights that I could have only learned firsthand. This knowledge is foundational to my career, and I look forward to continually expanding it and sharing it with others.

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