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Learn All About the Bradford Group Superhero Creativity Workshop for the East Nashville Hope Exchange

June 11, 2014 Molly Garvey

As my fellow Groupie Susan mentioned in a recent blog, the Bradford Group is venturing out of the office and into the community later this month. We’re teaming up with the East Nashville Hope Exchange (ENHE) to lead a creativity workshop for rising first, second and third graders.

As Susan said, “The East Nashville Hope Exchange is a non-profit organization focused on improving literacy of at-risk youth in Nashville. Its summer program assists first through third graders in developing and improving reading proficiency through creative instruction, guest speakers, field trips, skills training and mentoring.”

We like to think we’re creative people at the Bradford Group. Some of us even channel our love for words into short stories and poems. So needless to say, we’re excited to share our talents with the kids in our community.

We wanted to give the students plenty of fun, so we’ve paired off and will lead six “creativity stations” that the kids will get to rotate through. We decided to incorporate a superhero theme because, as fictional characters, they inspire kids to use their imagination, which ties back to the creativity side of the workshop.

So, here’s the plan:kid superhero

Acting: Jeff and Doug are taking the superhero theme and running (or should I say flying) with it. At their station, the students will play a game of charades. Each will be given a scenario to act out and the other students will have to guess the scenario and/or superhero. Here’s the example Doug gave us: “The Hulk smashing through a wall.” Don’t worry, it’s not as dangerous as it sounds!

Arts and crafts: Everyone loves craft time, right? Erin and Rebecca will get creative with the kids by helping them make superhero-themed paper masks with fun supplies.

Creative writing: Gina and I have planned superhero themed Mad Libs for the students. They’ll use their vocabulary words to fill in the blanks and then share with the other students.

Dance: The students will let their creativity loose at Caitlin and Meredith’s station with some Little Sally Walker (conveniently re-named Little Superhero to incorporate the day’s theme) and freeze dance. (In case you’ve never heard of Little Sally Walker, here’s a video.)

Outdoor play: Reminiscing on their elementary school field days, Sam and Amanda will lead the kids in an obstacle course outside, letting the kids soak in the sun and run off some energy.

Music: Susan and Avery are brave enough to lead the musical charge (Avery’s had some practice… She’s held some impressive roles in many theater performances, like Tigerlilly in Peter Pan). Since the program’s main goal is to help students improve literacy, the ladies have planned a superhero themed song. The students will help fill in the lyrics Mad Lib style before belting their hearts out.

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