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Kern, Learn & Discern: The Life of a Bradford Group Intern

July 11, 2014 Bradford Group Administrator

The number 24 is associated with many different things. It could be the number of hours in a day, the name of a TV show which inevitably leads to Jack Bauer’s ludicrous, eye-popping stunts, or even the number of chilled, beer-filled prisoners waiting to be released from their cardboard casing. Rather than puzzle you with more ambiguous metaphors, I will go ahead and tell you that for me that number marks the days I’ve been interning at the Bradford Group.

Each morning as my alarm squawks to life at 7:45 a.m., I pry myself from my bed’s warm embrace and sneakily unweave my feet from my dog Marley’s voluntary leg blanket. A shower, a brushing of the teeth, and a quick dressing of myself have become mechanically ritualistic, and, after snagging an apple from the refrigerator, I hit the road on my 20-minute drive to work.

Once the elevators open to the office space, all bets are off. I’ve learned never to expect routine tasks or procedural chores. One day I may be crunching numbers for a client’s media valuations, and the next I may be deep within the interworkings of InDesign hatching out a new offer for the Bradford Group website. One hour I may be helping a colleague out with a press release, and the next I may be gathered with the group as we celebrate the end of a work week with a cold one on Beer Friday.

That’s become the beauty and gratification about this internship so far. Unpredictability and the incalculable nature of this job helped me quickly learn and adapt as each day necessitates different skills and tasks.

Already more than half-way done with the eight-week internship, the other interns and I still have much work to do before we end this journey. With two more offers needing to be completed by the end of July and hours of research yet to be undertaken, our hands will surely be full until our last Friday at the Bradford Group.

Interning here has taught me a lot about working in public relations: monotonous routines don’t exist, teamwork is essential, some tasks require excellent music to accompany the work, and coffee will become roughly 50% of your blood. I have truly enjoyed this experience and will head back to my senior year at UGA with a renewed love for public relations and its significance in the worlds of business and marketing.

The Bradford Group is looking for new interns now. Interested? More info here.

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One comment on “Kern, Learn & Discern: The Life of a Bradford Group Intern
  1. Sandy Martin says:

    Enjoyed the coverage of your experience so far. Very happy it hasn’t been boring, mundane, or predictable ! Keeping you on your toes !! Grandpa McWilliams was a journalism major at U of M, and I know he would have been impressed with your command of the English language.

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