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Intern Q&A: Meet Kara and Taylor!

October 3, 2018 Leanna Bernhard

Two fabulous interns recently joined our team for the fall: Kara Marsom and Taylor Haupt. They’re eager and excited to learn and have already jumped right in on a wide variety of projects. Get to know them a little in our intern Q&A below. 

(L-R) Kara Marsom and Taylor Haupt

What city are you originally from?

Kara: I’m originally from Jupiter, Fla. It’s a small little surf town about an hour and a half north of Miami.

Taylor: I’m from St. Louis, Mo.

What college did you attend, and what was your major/minor?

K: I attended Florida State University. I graduated this past May with a degree in political science accompanied by a minor in communications.

T: I went to The University of Alabama. My major was public relations, and my minor was psychology.

What sparked your interest in PR?

K: My dad has worked in publishing my whole life, so growing up, I was initially drawn to writing and communications. After exploring different sectors of the industry, I was immediately intrigued by all the possibilities associated with PR.  

T: I love to write so I decided to try it out. After my first semester of PR classes, I loved it so much, especially how there are so many different areas of PR. You have so many career options.

What drew you to apply for the Bradford Group?

K: On a trip to Nashville during my senior year of college, I was apartment hunting with a friend in East Nashville and noticed the yellow “the Bradford Group” sign hanging on the Fifth and Main building and was inclined to look up the firm. After doing a little research I quickly realized this was somewhere I needed to be, so I applied for the fall internship program with the Bradford Group.

T: I really wanted to experience working at an agency. In the past, I was a writer for a magazine app that covered music but I wanted to start doing more PR writing. I found the Bradford Group through research and soon learned how great of a company it is. I knew it would be a great place to learn.

What are you most looking forward to learning during your time with us?

K: I’ve had previous internships in the PR field, but the Bradford Group really offers a hands-on experience. I look forward to learning from this small group of PR professionals and jumping into as many projects as I can!

T: I’m most looking forward to learning more about business to business PR.  

What’s your favorite thing about Nashville?

K: The people. There’s a great crowd of young professionals who are all very supportive of one another. There’s a wonderful sense of community that has allowed me to feel right at home in my new city.

T: Hard question!! I love everything about it! I really love how it’s a big city but still has that small town feel. I also love the people. Everyone is so nice!

Favorite Nashville dessert spot?

K: My favorite dessert spot would definitely have to be Jeni’s Ice Cream. There’s a location within walking distance of my apartment, so my roommate and I have become regulars.

T: Jeni’s Ice Cream!

Have any unique hobbies?

K: I’m an avid runner. I try to make it out to Shelby Bottoms Park, here in East Nashville, or Centennial Park, at least a few times a week for a long run.

T: I love to run. It eases my stress!

Favorite guilty pleasure song?

K: “Why Can’t I?” by Liz Phair from “13 Going on 30.”

T: “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.”

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

K: I wanted to be a magazine editor like my dad. I remember creating my own little magazines at his office as a kid —  I think some issues of the Glamour Gazette can still be found in my parents’ old storage unit.

T: When I was little, I wanted to be a Tae Kwon Do instructor. I practiced Tae Kwon Do my whole life, and I always thought my instructor had the coolest job.

Favorite animal and why?

K: Sea turtles! Growing up in South Florida, I volunteered at different marine life centers and got to interact with them a lot.

T: Orcas! I think they’re so beautiful and interesting. If you haven’t seen the Netflix documentary “Blackfish,” I highly suggest it.

Welcome, Kara and Taylor! We’re happy to have you here.

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