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Intern Life at the Bradford Group

March 20, 2014 Bradford Group Administrator

InternblogThis past Monday marked the beginning of my ninth week interning at the Bradford Group.  I didn’t realize how much time I had spent here until I was asked about my end date.  I glanced down at my iCalendar and realized just how quickly the semester has flown by.

As a full-time senior at Vanderbilt who works 15 hours a week and participates in all the second semester senior events that I can, I am busy, all the time.  Unlike many of my senior friends who brag about their five-day weekends and 1 p.m. classes, I wake up by 7 or 8 a.m. most mornings.  I shower and look presentable every day (which I suppose doesn’t sound like a notable task to most people, but spend some time with college seniors and you’ll understand).  I pass up late night Sunday movies. I don’t stay out as late as my friends on Tuesday nights.  And I count my lucky blessings for my no class, no work Fridays instead of taking them for granted.

With help from the Bradford Group, I’ve found a career path that combines my love of writing, creativity and challenging work.  And that fact makes the “real world” seem a little less daunting.

Despite this craziness, though, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m happy to be interning at the Bradford Group.  I enjoy what I do here.  Sure, not every task is the most glamorous.  Certain tasks are monotonous.  But overall, my work interests me.  When my friends talk about wanting to attend Steeplechase in May, I smile and tell them about all the tweets I’ve posted in the last two months for our client, Iroquois Steeplechase.  When my mom calls and asks me what I did that day, I laugh and tell her how I wrote sixty Facebook and twitter posts all about plastic surgery.  When I listen to entrepreneur guest speakers in class, I take notes to help me write future entrepreneurship blog posts.

With help from the Bradford Group, I’ve found a career path that combines my love of writing, creativity and challenging work.  And that fact makes the “real world” seem a little less daunting.

What makes work here even better?  The people. On my first day at the Bradford Group, I was asked if I liked beer.  I paused before answering, was it a trick question? Should I show my ID to prove that I’m 21?  Then I was told, “on Fridays, we drink beer at 4 p.m. together, it helps with our morale.”  I smiled in amazement.  An office that enjoyed working and drinking together?  I could get used to this.

1551774_10201887454456728_460383142_nI was the new girl this semester, and the only intern, but have never felt on the outside. I have been included in morning office huddles, encouraged to attend and participate in the first quarter TBG beer pong tournament, and have been generously offered rides since the second the office discovered I do not have a car in Nashville.

Not only are these people smart, successful PR professionals, they are gracious and fun. Just the kind of people all aspiring college seniors hope to encounter in the “real world.”

To close, I want to share five things I’ve learned during my time at the Bradford Group.

  1. Good writing is an essential part of PR. I love to write and am happy to have found a career path that encourages me to write and continually improve my skills.
  2. The diversity of industries and companies within an agency’s client list keeps work interesting and challenging.
  3. You know you are successful and truly loved when an office mourns your loss when you leave while still wishing you the very best in the future (shout out to Natalie Townsend).
  4. Beer Fridays are a wonderful way to keep employees happy and encourage company bonding.
  5. Seven a.m. Monday wake up calls aren’t quite as horrible if you find a good place to work with great people.


If you’re interested in interning at the Bradford Group, apply today! The firm is hiring interns for Summer 2014. I can attest that it’s a wonderful place.


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