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INFOGRAPHIC: Driving Sales with Social Media

July 30, 2015 Bradford Group Administrator

It’s 2015, so I think we can agree to agree: Social media is a force to be reckoned with in the business space.

Marketers know this. But what about their sales staff – the guys and gals actually responsible for bringing in the bacon?

Just as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media outlets provide a valuable opportunity for brands to connect with customers, they too allow salespeople to virtually network with prospects and clients. In fact, social media and sales are quite harmonious. Like sales, good use of social media is all about relationships and real engagement. And because social media is now ubiquitous, relationships are easily built and nurtured online.

Need more convincing or tips to get started? Check out our infographic on how to use social media to drive sales. Then, leave us a comment and share tips of your own.

Think your sales staff could benefit from this visual? Do the social media thing. Share it.

social media infogrpahic_FINAL



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