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Increasing Your Sales: Lessons Learned from Jack Daly

November 6, 2015 Bradford Group Administrator

Sales are essential to almost any company, but if you leave the success of your company up to someone’s “personal” selling style, you could quickly find yourself dead in the water. But, there’s hope if you take lessons from Jack Daly

Jack Dal

Daly is a proven CEO/Entrepreneur who has built six companies into national firms, making millions of dollars in the process. He not only knows how to sell, but how to do it successfully in record time. And, it’s not by chance. He has developed proven methods that work time and again. The good news is he will share his secrets with anyone who will listen.

Recently, our CEO, Jeff, sent three of us groupies to a Jack Daly sales summit to learn how we can increase our new client sales. Boy, was I impressed with the lessons I learned. If you haven’t been to one of Daly’s speaking events, stop what you are doing and find the closest one. You won’t regret it. He will shake you out of your comfort zone and challenge your way of thinking.


Whether you sell cupcakes or the latest, greatest software, here are four big takeaways from Jack Daly’s speaking conference that can make a difference between being in the red or living in the green.


  1. Follow the playbook

Too many times, sales professionals don’t follow a step-by-step guide to sales success. Instead, they leave it up to chance or say they have “their own style” that works for them. Don’t fall into that trap.


Imagine if a college football coach had no playbook with no methods for training high school players to play ball on the college stage. It would be a disaster. Without the proper step-by-step training, it would be impossible to guarantee any real results.


Similarly, you are risking the fate of your company if you allow each sales associate to conduct business however he or she wants. That’s why you need a playbook. If you don’t have one, get one. It is the key to success. You can train your sales team to execute PROVEN methods to landing a sale, thus guaranteeing a positive result.


  1. Model the masters

Once you have a playbook in place, it is time to learn from the best of the best. Seek out the all-stars in your industry and ask if you can shadow them for a day. When you do, be a sponge. Soak up everything you can. Ask as many questions as you need. They have reached the success you desire, so pick their brain. Leave no stone unturned. After you have packed your brain full of knowledge, it’s time to take it home and execute with precision.


  1. Change your voicemail…daily!

You’re probably thinking “what?!,” but hear me out. Maybe you’re in a meeting when a potential client calls. It goes to your same ole generic voicemail. It happens everyday to people everywhere. But, what if that same potential customer heard a voice message detailing why you’re unavailable and when you will be able to check messages and get back to him? That would set you apart from the competition. The message could be as simple as, “Hi, this is Bob, it is Friday November 6th. I am currently unavailable right now. I will be in meetings from 8 a.m. until noon, but will check my messages then and get back to you as soon as possible.” That way your potential customer knows the message is current because you included the date and yhey know why you couldn’t answer and when to expect to hear back. Changing your voicemail is a game-changer.


  1. Get a money bag and stock it

Jack Daly swears by his money bag method. If you don’t have a money bag, get one. Stock it with business cards, thank you cards, stamps and a pen. When you leave a meeting with a potential sale, send a thank you e-mail and write a thank you card and mail it, before leaving the parking lot. A quick follow up will set you apart from the competition. If you really want to set the bar high, Daly suggests taking it a couple steps further. He has personalized thank-you cards that feature a picture of him on the front doing various activities. So, if he finds out a potential customer likes golf, he will send a thank you card with a picture of him playing golf on the front and mention something about hitting the links together. In addition to the personalized cards, Daly also believes in personalized stamps that have his picture on them. The thought is people do business with people, not a company. Plus, again, it sets you apart from the competition. Now, you don’t necessarily have to have personalized cards and stamps, but it if helps seal the deal, why not?


Of course, succeeding in sales requires more than these four elements. There are techniques to reaching out to potential customers, how to match their personality type and much more. But, this can give you a good starting point that will already set you apart from your competition. Happy Selling!

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