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How to Create a Viral Video to Sell Your Brand

December 2, 2013 Molly Garvey

We’re all about incorporating video into our clients’ overall marketing plan. It’s no surprise, given the fact that online video audiences are expected to double in the next two years, reaching 1.5 billion globally. That’s a lot of potential eyes on your brand.

So how do you create a video that people will want to watch—one that will go viral?

There’s no perfect formula to creating a viral video. But there are a few things we can learn from some of the most popular videos on the Internet.

1.     Know your audience. Don’t lose sight of your target market. You’re not going to reach all 1.5 billion people with your video. You want to make sure your video is directed toward those in your target demographic—those who will buy into your brand.

Example: In the debut ad for the construction-themed board game, Goldiblox, who do you think the target audience is? The video targets young girls, who will play the game—and their parents, who will buy the game.

2.     Understand what triggers your audience. Think about what captures your audience to engage with and share your content. Most people enjoy videos that are surprising, funny and/or sexy. Decide which your potential customers will best engage with and go with it.

It’s also important to make sure your content is optimized for online audiences. Make it easy to search and identify with descriptive keywords and an enticing thumbnail and title.

GoldiBlox thumbnail

3.     Be different. You only have a few seconds to capture your audience. Start out strong, leaving viewers wanting more. Displaying logos and product shots are likely to cause viewers to lose, or never gain, interest.

Take the Goldiblox example: the viewer doesn’t know the video is for a game until the very end. It captures the audience with a popular song and the craziest Rube Goldberg machine they’ve ever seen.

4.     Get your video in the hands of influencers. You can’t create a video and expect it to go viral without some encouragement from social media and online influencers. Share your video with relevant media outlets and connect with social media influencers.

Mashable social influencer

5.     Use high-quality production. High-quality videos immediately give viewers the impression that your video is legit. It doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Your marketing or PR firm may provide video production or have a partnership with a local video production firm with whom they can connect you.

Example: This Harry Potter spoof created by a viral video prank group uses high-quality production work to make the prank look as real to viewers as it did to the Penn Station patrons who witnessed the Harry look-a-like in real life.

Cisco estimates that in 2017, consumer Internet video traffic will be 69 percent of all Internet traffic. It’s time to think about incorporating video into your marketing strategy. Just remember that the key is to create a video that evokes a strong emotional reaction—so strong that people feel compelled to share it with friends and influencers.

Photo Credit: dmixo6 via photopin cc

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