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How Millennials Can Jump Right In

November 10, 2014 Bradford Group Administrator

Successful people conceptYou did it! You found that first job after college and are beginning your working career as an adult on your own. Here are some tips on how to make the best of your new career and prove to everyone that you actually did pay attention in college:


  1. Get some sleep! You’re not in college anymore, so sleep like it. Countless studies (and your mom) can attest to the importance of a good night’s sleep on the next day’s productivity. Pick a bedtime and do your best to stick to it as many nights during the week as you can. This doesn’t mean you can never leave your house during the week, but just do so in moderation. Don’t let your social life negatively affect your work life.
  2. Explore. Living on your own is an adjustment, especially if you move to a new city. However, it also gives you the chance to learn all about your new hometown and what it has to offer. Don’t be afraid to adventure out alone— you never know what you might discover! You may even meet new people or find out something about your city that could end up being useful in your workplace.
  3. Prioritize. For me, being assigned a variety of tasks for several different clients has been a wonderful learning experience. To keep your productivity up, be sure to make to-do lists, know when to prioritize certain tasks over others, always be active in getting ahead on your work and take breaks in your day so you aren’t feeling overloaded.
  4. Jump right in. It won’t be the easiest thing you’ve ever done. But then again, no one ever said life was supposed to be easy. The best things in life come from hard work and perseverance. Having a job may sound scary, but it can be one of the most rewarding aspects of a young adult’s life. Be sure to jump right into the workplace by asking questions, taking any advice you are given and building upon it, getting to know your coworkers and truly making the effort to prove that you want to be there, you are right for the job, and you fit well with the company culture and the other employees.

No one ever said life was supposed to be easy. The best things in life come from hard work and perseverance.

In the month I’ve been “on my own” thus far, I’ve learned that being in the working world is challenging but very satisfying. I am exploring a new city, trying new things, experiencing life in a different part of the country and starting my career at a great company!


To all the Millennials out there— don’t be afraid to get plugged in to your first job. I promise you it will be a lot more rewarding than sitting on your parents’ couch watching re-runs of Scandal.


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