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How Businesses Can Use Periscope to Grow Their Audience

June 16, 2015 Bradford Group Administrator

Courtesy: Techwren

If you aren’t using Periscope by now, chances are you’ve at least heard of it and if not, allow me to explain.

Periscope is Twitter’s app that allows you to stream live videos — anywhere, anytime. Viewers can also text questions during the livestream and get answers in real time. Once the broadcast is complete, Periscope saves the video for 24 hours, so those who missed it can watch it at a later time.

The app first made a name for itself during the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight in early May. While many cable companies couldn’t keep up with the high viewer-demand, Periscope provided viewers with another option through its live streaming. And while the app’s value may be apparent for high-profile events, businesses have yet to tap into it.

Before the emergence of social media, the relationship between businesses and customers was very one-sided. Then, social media gave a voice to consumers, allowing them to give feedback and interact with a company. Now, Periscope is taking that business-to-consumer relationship to a new, more intimate level, and the possibilities are endless.

Connect with your audience

Because customers want to feel as though they have a say in company decisions, consider using Periscope during company meetings (as long as no confidential information will be discussed) or product testing. Instead of waiting for survey results, Periscope can allow you to do it in real time, saving you time and money.

Go behind the scenes

During my time in television, one message the consultants hammered home was the importance of giving viewers a “behind the scenes” look into the world of TV news. So, when a new anchor was hired, I produced a series of “behind the scenes” web videos that allowed viewers to get to know her and what she does behind the camera. Not only did it help her gain viewers, but the audience loved learning what it takes to get a newscast on air.

In the same vein, you can use Periscope to give your clients a behind the scenes look at a typical day in the office or a peek into a fun office outing (be on the lookout for a Groupie Periscope stream on our next adventure!).

Periscope is taking the business- to-consumer relationship to a new, more intimate level, and the possibilities are endless. 

Q & A sessions

One of the great features of Periscope, like I mentioned earlier, is the ability for viewers to text questions in real time while watching the stream. That’s why the app would be a great tool to use during question and answer sessions, whether it’s during a conference or the release of a new product or service.

How-to videos

Live demonstration or informational videos are a great way to use Periscope to connect with your audience. It can help save your customer service department from repeating itself too many times.

Get creative

When trying to decide what you should stream, think like your customer. Imagine what they would like to see. There are no strict guidelines for a good stream vs. a bad one, so allow yourself to explore the possibilities. But remember, most people’s attention spans are relatively short, so try to avoid making your streams too long.

In an age where technology is constantly evolving, it can seem daunting to stay abreast of the newest apps. But if you do so, your business can truly reap the benefits of it. By finding a way to make the app work for you, you’re guaranteed to make your business stand out from the rest.


Photo Courtesy: Techwren



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  1. Jeannie Davis says:

    This would be great for an orthodontic office and for small businesses trying to attract customers.

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