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Get to Know our Spring Interns, Rachel and Max

March 1, 2017 Bradford Group Administrator


Max McGehee, Rachel Green

The days are getting longer, flowers are beginning to bloom and we have new interns! That must mean it’s springtime. We’re excited to have Rachel Green and Max McGehee join us this semester for our internship program.

Rachel took a road trip through Nashville in 2014 and fell in love with the city. She moved here last fall to start her MBA at Belmont University. Before deciding to go back to school, she worked in the regulatory department at The Hershey Company (eating lots of chocolate of course) and earned her certification as a Registered Dietitian. When she graduates in August, she wants to work in the marketing/communications field to fully express her creative side. Outside of work and school (what little time she has left), she enjoys exploring the city with her roommates (they even started a Nashville bucket list), practicing yoga and watching the show, The Good Wife.

Max will graduate from Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Ky. in May with a degree in public relations and Spanish. Before joining the Bradford Group, he interned as a public relations coordinator at Imagewest, a student-run public relations and advertising agency. He also worked as the public relations intern for the Honors College at WKU where he managed their social media and community outreach. Aside from working at the Bradford Group, he binge-watches The Amazing Race, vicariously living through their travels and reminiscing on his time abroad in Europe. Some would also say he’s legitimately addicted to coffee, and he doesn’t deny it.

Rachel and Max have been with us for a few weeks now and have already made an impact on our team. We’re impressed with their PR skills and excited to see what they’ll learn during their time with us. Read on to find out more about Rachel and Max.

What do you enjoy most about Nashville?

RG: Definitely the country music scene. I’ve already been to Florida Georgia Line’s concert back in October and can’t wait for Luke Bryan and Sam Hunt in the spring and summer!

MM: The music scene in Nashville is indescribable. It’s really nice to be surrounded by some amazing talent and relish in the fact that I can’t sing to save my life.

What’s your dream vacation destination, and whom would you take with you?

RG: Ideally, I’d like to travel everywhere, but right now I’m really interested in doing a second annual college friends’ trip to Iceland to see the northern lights, the famous Blue Lagoon and the capital, Reykjavik.

MM: My dream vacation would be to Croatia with my three sisters. The four of us are best friends and love travel. Croatia has incredible nature hikes and waterfalls that we would love to explore.

What TV character are you most like and how?

RG: IDK this is a tough one!

MM: I believe I am most like Winston from New Girl. He has so many interests and always seems to be involved in something new. Like Winston, I never fail to say something so off-the-wall crazy that it causes everyone to do a double-take.

What’s your favorite food?

RG: I always say anything chocolate and peanut butter, but right now I LOVE chicken salad.

MM: I love anything Italian. Shrimp alfredo. Lasagna. You make it with pasta, and I will take care of the rest.

What’s your favorite quote?

RG: The only quote I can think of at the moment, which would make my ethics professor very happy, is, “Language structures the way in which we experience the world.” – Dr. Padgett

MM: “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy coffee and that’s pretty close.” – Anonymous

If you could have a celebrity best friend, who would it be and why?

RG: Chandler Bing, if he was a person not a character, because he would always have me laughing.

MM: I actually don’t have any celebrities I follow closely enough.

What are you most looking forward to learning from your internship at the Bradford Group?

RG: I am most interested in improving my writing skills but also learning the general flow of a PR agency and how ideas come together to best serve the client.

MM: I’ve learned how to write byline articles, conduct research and make media pitches in the classroom, but it is completely different to do it for real clients. I am most excited for the opportunity to produce and publish real work with the Bradford Group.

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