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Five Reasons PR Professionals Love Fall

October 13, 2014 Bradford Group Administrator

Here in Nashville, it’s starting to feel like fall. The weather is cooler, boots and booties are out in full force and pumpkin flavoring is on every product in the grocery store. Like many people, I love fall. It’s also a great time of year for public relations. Here’s why.

  1. 256px-Pumpkin_2_-_Evan_SwigartNo more vacations. Don’t get me wrong – PR pros love some R&R, but trying to pitch and schedule interviews during the summer is difficult with all of the reporters and clients on vacation. Some summer days, it feels like I get more out-of-office alerts than actual replies. Once the kids go back to school, it’s easier to track down clients and reporters, which makes it less complicated to generate results. It also means our email campaigns get more opens and our websites get more views. All in all, more people in the office means better marketing.
  2. Pumpkins. Most publicists are social people, and fall brings great opportunities for spending time with coworkers. We already have our annual pumpkin decorating contest planned. It’s also a great time of year for potlucks and other activities. You’ve probably seen the vast array of pumpkin-flavored products available now; we’ve stocked up on pumpkin beer and pumpkin spice coffee and welcome any other pumpkin recommendations.
  3. Sweater weather. Who doesn’t love a great sweater? Office air conditioning is often on full blast during the summer, leaving some of us shivering our way through the warmest season. Now that sweaters and other warmer garments are appropriate, we can comfortably sit in our offices. Being comfortable makes writing, pitching, strategizing and everything else we do easier. We also have some very fashionable Groupies, so getting to see their new fall clothes each morning brightens our days.
  4. pink_ribbonSeasonal pitches. Any time we can tie a client to something timely in the news, PR professionals are happy campers. Back-to-school season kicks off a series of story opportunities, ranging from Breast Cancer Awareness Month to giving back for Thanksgiving. These also provide great fodder for social media posts and email campaigns. Each client is different, but almost every industry will have some tie to fall events.
  5. Goal setting. The rest of the year flies by once fall comes. This is the time of the year that we review our work for clients and set goals for the next year. It’s a great chance to make sure our priorities are aligned with our client’s needs. It’s important to get this done now, before the holidays set in and people are out of the office again.

Why do you love fall?


Photo credit: Evan Swigart

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