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Five Easy Ways to Leverage Media Coverage in Your B2B Marketing

November 29, 2018 Anthony Priwer

B2B Marketing TipsAt the Bradford Group, we work hard to help our clients achieve positive coverage in carefully targeted media outlets. For B2B marketing, this usually means outlets most likely to be seen by a company’s business clients or potential business clients, from high-profile national media to small-circulation trade publications.

Coverage can include industry-expert interview quotes, company news and profile pieces, thought-leadership bylines, and photo opportunities. Over time, the right exposure in the right outlets can play a key role in building your business’s reputation as a market leader and ensuring you’re top of mind when your B2B customers are making purchasing decisions.

Media placements through publicity can be a more powerful tool than advertising for B2B brand-building because, even if only subconsciously, your customers will perceive that you’ve earned your placement, not just paid for it. Today’s busy business leaders, though, are constantly bombarded by an ever-growing tsunami of news and information, so even if your media coverage is well targeted, there’s every chance your target customers won’t see it, or remember seeing it.

That’s why we suggest that securing coverage should be only part of a journey, not the final destination. To make the most of your media exposure, here are five easy ways to leverage it in your B2B marketing:

1. Get Social

You’d be surprised how many businesses neglect to share news links on their company’s social media pages. As well as Facebook and Twitter, don’t forget LinkedIn – both your company’s LinkedIn account and the personal accounts of any company personnel mentioned in the coverage. And speaking of personal accounts, encourage all of your team members to like and share company social media posts. This is particularly good for appearances if your company accounts don’t yet have a large number of organic followers.      

2. Get on Your Website

Make sure your company website has a “News” or “Media” page where you can showcase and archive your media coverage. You may also want to consider including on your website’s landing page an attention-grabbing headline and link, or a list of high-profile outlets where you’ve been featured. 

Securing coverage should be only part of a journey, not the final destination.

3. Sign Off with Media Love

When you’re emailing B2B clients, why not include in your email signature a link to a recent media placement that’s likely to impress or interest your recipients? The line can be something as simple as “Click here to read my guest column in Publication Name about the biggest challenges facing our industry.”  

4. Start Spreading the News

Sinatra was right to do this, and an e-newsletter to your client base is a great excuse to regularly land in their inboxes. Though, of course, the newsletter content should be much more than just press clippings, including relevant recent media coverage can bring it to the attention of customers who may have missed the coverage in its original publication or broadcast.      

5. Reuse and Recycle

There’s no end of possibilities for repurposing your company’s media coverage, from adding it to your press kit to having it display over your shoulder in multimedia sales presentations. If you often have B2B customers visit your office, you might even consider creating a media slideshow that loop-plays on a monitor in your foyer.  


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