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Finance News Round-up (April 2019)

April 8, 2019 Julia Motis

As part of our focus on public relations and marketing in the financial services sector, here is a round-up of some of the latest news from the industry.

StocksHappy Financial Literacy Month!

The month of April is financial literacy month, so in honor, here are 30 ways to get your personal finances back on track.

Major Fintech Trends

Business Insider put together this huge slide deck highlighting the top five major trends in the fintech space. Specifically, the slides take a look at the financial services value chain and how technology is changing the way it’ll be modeled in the future. This includes new ways of banking, funding and regulating.

The General State of the Economy

The economy grew faster in 2018 than it has since 2015, according to a reading of gross domestic product for the fourth quarter. However, the U.S. stock markets are seeing recession warnings left and right.

“Interesting” News for Banks:

The Federal Reserve says that interest rates will stay where they are, which means U.S. businesses and consumers can breathe a sigh of relief for now, but banks might not get the interest dollars they’re looking for.

Putting the Bucks in Venture Capital

Starbucks is looking into joining the venture finance business. The plan is to put $100 million dollars into a venture fund in the hopes that it helps fund potential partners and vendors in the food and retail spaces.

Stand-Out PR Tips

In such a competitive industry, companies need to think outside the box with their PR and marketing tactics. Try these “adventurous” ideas to stand out from those other guys in suits.

News From Our Clients

Senior Vice President of Argent Trust Company wrote a story published in Kiplinger about Transfer-on-Death accounts and how they can fit into your account planning.

Advance Financial recently ranked eighth on Indeed’s list of Top Workplaces, which puts them ahead of top nationals companies like Apple, GEICO, Comcast, AT&T, Boeing, Starbucks and ALDI.

In case you missed it: First Tennessee Bank shared the Valentine’s love by picking up customer tabs at Henley restaurant!

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