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Confession: I’m an Entrepreneur Groupie

August 16, 2013 Bradford Group Administrator

“What’s your favorite thing about your job?”


Danielle hearts entrepreneurs

That’s a question most interviewees ask us Bradford Groupies. (Groupie is our collective pet name since we’re members of the Bradford Group. Get it?) Since we’re looking to recruit a new Groupie right now, I’ve been asked that question a few times this week.


“My favorite thing is my clients. I have a passion for helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses.”


That’s always my response. It may sound bland, or like I’m a big ol’ suck up, but it’s the truth. I’ve even thought of creating a client headshot picture gallery on one of my office walls—better yet, client headshot wallpaper. Really though, seeing my clients’ smiling faces would be the motivation I need on a Friday when weekenditis starts to kick in.


If you think client wallpaper is creepy, let me explain my passion.


  • Entrepreneurism in my DNA. My dad, mom and grandmother were/are all business owners. When I was a kid, summer days were spent walking door-to-door with my brother and sister passing out fliers notifying neighbors of my mom’s dance studio’s fall enrollment. As a teen I’d either enter data at my dad’s towing business or teach dance at my grandmother’s dance studio.  So, it’s what I know. I’ve seen firsthand that a business is not just a job. It’s the business owner’s—and his or her family’s—life.


  • Entrepreneurs live the American dream. I may be a teensy bit bias, but I truly believe entrepreneurs and small business owners are the backbone of our country. They are progress. An entrepreneur doesn’t stop innovating at 5 o’clock. He or she is never satiated by mediocrity or status quo. An entrepreneur raises the bar, fills the gap and keeps us all moving forward. I am thrilled to be a part of that every day as I work to spread contagious conversations about my clients.


  • I want to make dreams come true. Just call me a fairy godmother. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are dreamers. When so many abandon dreams and settle for jobs they’re not passionate about, entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality. If I can help someone not only achieve, but exceed his or her wildest dreams, that’s worth waking up for. If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, email me. I want to learn about your dreams so I can help make them come true.


A Forbes article argues entrepreneurs are today’s rock stars. This gives a whole new dimension of meaning to being a Bradford Groupie.



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