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Can Social Media Grow My Business?

February 27, 2013 Bradford Group Administrator

Can social media grow my business

Sure, you hear about social media ALL the time. It’s cool, mysterious, trendy and fun. Social media sites are a hot topic in the media, conversation starters among friends and popular places to regularly visit. Wow, am I the only one who thinks social media sounds a lot like East Nashville? (Minus the skinny jeans, of course.)

So, in the same way America doesn’t get tired of hearing about East Nashville’s coolness (as the deluge of national press attests to), PR folks don’t get tired of learning about social media.

We especially don’t get tired of talking about how we can use social media to grow your business. If you’re skeptical about using social media because you don’t see it as a necessary sales tool or think it’s just a fad, you, my non-believing friend, are most certainly in denial. Much like the non-believers who thought East Nashville would never sustain all the hype it’s received.

To all you social media naysayers, get over it. It’s time to start drinking the Kool Aid. Your business will thank you.

Below are some of the reasons why we believe in using social media to grow your business (shout out to our friends Tom Webster, BOLO and Pew Research Center for sharing some this data with us).

As of Dec. 2012:

67% of all Americans have a profile on at least one social site…that’s nearly 159 million people using social media in America.

  • 67% use Facebook
  • 16% use Twitter
  • 15% use Pinterest
  • 13% use Instagram
  • 6% use Tumblr

Americans have integrated social media into their ‘mobile life’ and view it as a daily routine.

  • 40% of cell phone owners use a social networking site on their phone, and 28% use it daily
  • 22% are on their social sites several times a day
  • 60% check Facebook as soon as they wake up in the morning
  • 63% look at their social media sites before they go to bed every night
  • 84% interact with social media during primetime because it now exists alongside most TV programs. Think about shows that have the Twitter hashtag pop up in the corner of the screen while you were watching to encourage a trend in tweeting.

The sheer volume of Americans using social media means endless opportunities for your business to engage and interact with others.

  • More than 66% of Americans who use social media make $50,000 or more.
  • 75% use social media first when they want to learn about a company
    • 59% go to a company’s FB page first
    • 30% Google first
    • 21% go to a company website first
    • 66% follow daily deals
    • 56% have liked or supported a brand on social media
    • 55% have used it to learn about new products

Social media, when done correctly, can be a phenomenal tool of growth and lead generation for your business. Now that I’ve given you the stats to bring you out of dark, non-believing shadows, my next blog will provide tips and best practices get your business buzzing on social media.

And since I’ve made you a social media believer, it’s time for you to celebrate…go grab dinner and drinks in East Nashville. You’re so cool.


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