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Bradford’s Top Moments of 2017

January 2, 2018 Bradford Group Administrator

Let’s be real: 2017 was a wild year. No matter your home city and state, personal political stances, religious beliefs or even your sense of humor, the past year brought out the best (and yes, at times, the worst) in a lot of people.

Here at the Bradford Group, we’re thankful for an insanely busy and eventful year of creative prowess, new team members, group brainstorms and Smart + Active + Results. In the spirit of gratitude for all we’ve received and achieved, and as we start fresh in 2018 and look at years to come, . (Note: While much of the news in America in 2017 revolved around a certain man in charge, we’re using a filter and only highlighting other things!)

So as you settle back into your work routine, take a break and review highlights of 2017 – courtesy of everyone here at TBG!

Jeff: 2017 was a banner year for our firm. We have the best team in the agency’s history and are generating revenue of more than $1 million. We also brought in some new big-name clients. Oh, and we helped build a replica of the bat building out of fruit.

Damon: My favorite moment of the year is personal – buying a house in East Nashville with an extra “guest room,” and then right before closing in April, finding out that the guest room was going to become a bedroom for a new baby boy (Dylan Hudson Maida, born Dec. 18)!

Julia: I think the women’s march that spread around the country was one of my favorite news stories of 2017. It was awesome to see so many women from so many backgrounds in places across the U.S. finally stand up and say enough is enough. I think it was a really important breakthrough, and it paved the way for the #metoo movement.

Amy: How about the Houston Astros winning the World Series for the very first time, especially after Hurricane Harvey flooded the city? A great positive story to boost spirits last year, no matter what team you root for.

Melinda: The total solar eclipse is the top moment for me. Being in Nashville made it especially exciting since our city was right in the path of totality. Experiencing it at First Tennessee Park with folks from Middle Tennessee and all over the country will be something from 2017 I’ll always remember.

Claire: My favorite moments of 2017 include hitting two big milestones – celebrating my first wedding anniversary with my husband and buying our first house!

Spencer: On a positive personal note: I got engaged to the brightest lady on the planet. I also adopted a rescue pup which I now treat as a human child. On a negative note: 331 mass shootings in America in the past year made 2017 the deadliest year for mass killings in modern U.S. history. I along with many others have significant hope that regulations will change for the better.

Molly: Getting married topped my list of favorites in 2017. Almost more fun than the day itself was the planning. Now that it’s over, I don’t know what to do with myself. Anyone need a wedding planner?

Gina: Anyone remember the “Big Oscars Flub,” starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway? It seems like a lifetime ago, but believe it or not: That was early 2017! I think Kimmel still blames Steve Harvey.

Jonathan: I’ve watched this 2017 viral video, of a father being interrupted by his kids during a live BBC interview, a LOT of times. It’s hilarious not just because of how relatable the situation is for parents like myself, but also because the constantly escalating chaos makes it feel like a perfectly timed comedy skit.

Hope we helped jog your memory of the important – and the silly – moments of 2017. On behalf of everyone here at the Bradford Group, we wish you and yours a happy start to 2018!

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