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Bradford Groupies’ Christmas Wishes

December 13, 2013 Bradford Group Administrator

As you rush to complete your holiday shopping, don’t worry about taking the time to think about us…We’ll tell you exactly what we want.


No need to thank us. Really. That’s what we’re here for — to make your life easier.



  • If Gina Gallup is on your list, she’s not asking for much. Make her dreams come true with this adorable puppy! The little chocolate colored bundled of joy will only set ya back $400 and her name is…wait for it…Truffles. Too cute. Oh, and if you’re worrying about rabies — stop. Little Truffles is all vaccinated and good to go. Here’s the back story: Mrs. Gallup used to have a little toy poodle named Sasha. Sasha passed away a few years ago. The Gallup family is ready to add a new little friend to their family. Rescue dog, Truffles, seems like a perfect fit.


  • All Natalie Townsend wants for Christmas is a Red Ryder bb gun and a pair of red-hot stilettos (pictured below). I’m not sure if she’s planning to wear the stilettos during target practice, but it could be a deadly combination. (Could you imagine getting shot with a bb and then kicked with those pointy things? Yikes!)red heels


*If you really are looking for a great gift for an animal lover though, Natalie recommends making a donation in his or her name to East CAN ( When you do, babies like these can find a loving forever home.


  • Our California girl, Samantha Prichard isn’t asking for much. The sunshine girl wants some warm winter clothes. Apparently they don’t require parkas back home in the Golden State so she’s not quite prepared for Tennessee’s treacherous winter. Someone get this girl a saucy mink.


sugar cookies

  • Just call our own Caitlin Varley the Cookie Queen. Give her some suga’ with an annual The Cravory cookie subscription. For just $365, a dollar a day, you could make this girl’s dreams come true. Caitlin realizes nearly $400 may be a bit steep for cookies, but can you really put a price on a full year of happiness (and sugar highs)? We think not.


  • We may have puppy fever here at the Bradford Group. Mrs. Meredith Yates wants an Australian Shepherd. The thing is though; she doesn’t have a yard. So if you purchase the pooch, throw in a lawn too. No problem, right?australian shep


  • Susan Upton is on the puppy train as well. Suz loves her four-legged friends so much, that she’s asking for three this year. I mean can you blame her? How cute are these fur balls. If you feel like three puppies goldensjust aren’t enough, the Florida girl needs some winter boots. She’s been slipping and sliding all over the place.


  • So what does the head honcho Jeff Bradford desire? Oh nothing much — Just a blue Lamborghini Aventador. He can’t help it. JB has the need for speed. If it’s not too much trouble, Jeff would also appreciate a DVD player in his Lambo so he can watch all the James Bond movies (excluding those where Roger Moore is James) while he’s got his pedal to the lambo


  • Molly Garvey’s wish list is so long, we may need an appendix. Here are the highlights though: Miss Molly is hoping for a bomber hat beneath the bows of her Douglas Fir. She thinks it’s just what she needs to stay warm this winter. (Even if Windy City transplant, Caitlin Varley says it’s not that cold). Molly would also like Real Simple, Nashville Lifestyles and Southern Living magazine subscriptions. Most of all though, Molly’s heart will be content when she reunites for her family for the holidays. Awwww.


  • If Erin Gagnon is on your list, well, you’re lucky. She’s not asking for much (unlike Molly). This gardener just wants some new gardening tools so she may continue to exercise her green thumb. It’ll be a good investment too. This gal sure does know how to make a garden grow.


  • As for me, Danielle Eldredge — I’m a simple girl really. If you could manage world peace, I think I’d be fulfilled by that. Thank you.


No pressure if you can’t give gifts to us groupies this year though. We’ve all been very good so Santa is sure to hook us all up. Who knows, Jeff may even get two Lambos.


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