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Blog Your Way To Increased Sales & Awareness

June 14, 2018 Steve Wonsiewicz

bloggingWhy blog about your business? Isn’t the time spent writing better put to use running and growing the company?

We believe it’s actually the same thing. Blogging is an incredibly powerful and effective way to connect with your target audience. The time and effort you put into business blogging strengthens your relationship with current customers and provides information to prospective clients who are seeking your company’s product or service.

Blogging is one of many tactics – along with public relations, email marketing, social media posts, downloadable materials, etc. – that should be part of your content marketing strategy. When done correctly, blogging increases your company’s online visibility, and with that comes better awareness of your company’s products/services and increased traffic to your website.

Blogging For B2B Or B2C

Blogging is a key inbound marketing tool whether you’re a B2B or B2C company. Unlike outbound marketing (direct mail, advertising), with inbound marketing you are not competing for the attention of potential customers attention. They’re seeking you out when they visit your blog. Consider these statistics from Hubspot:

  • 71% of B2B prospects begin their research for products/services using generic search terms.
  • 81% of shoppers do an online search before making a big purchase.

Search Engines & Driving Traffic

Keyword-driven, regularly updated blogs drive traffic. Every blog you post means one more searchable (and findable) indexed page that’s on your website. Customers are searching for your company, and your blog helps them find you. Another eye-opening stat to consider:

  • 72% of marketers say having relevant content on their website was the most effective search engine optimization tactic.

If you clicked on the above link you just increased traffic to If your blog gets referenced and linked, then it increases the opportunities that prospective customers can find and visit your website.

Blogging is an incredibly powerful and effective way to connect with your target audience.

Lead Generation & Conversion

Any sales rep knows how frustrating and inefficient cold calling (cold leads) can be. People who visit your website and request more information (warm leads) after reading your blog are much easier to convert into customers. Those are the people you want your sales reps calling.

  • 67% of B2B marketers see at least a 10% increase in sales opportunities through lead nurturing and 15% see a 30+% increase.
  • B2C companies that blogged more than 11 times per month generated more than four times as companies that blogged only four or five times per month.

If you’re not comfortable writing, blogging can be challenging. But remember, you’re not trying to win awards with your blog. You’re providing relevant and helpful information that will aid in a prospective customer’s buying journey, as well as keeping your current customers updated on what’s going on with your company. It’s a great way to build trust and credibility that will benefit you and your company in the long run.

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