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Behind-the-Scenes of PR Performance

May 29, 2015 Bradford Group Administrator

In a former life not so long ago, I was a dancer. Every year about this time, I would lace up my pointe shoes, jazz shoes, tap shoes – you name it – and wait in the wings for the opening chords to showcase a dance number (or two or ten). And then, it was show time.nutcracker

While the performance execution is undoubtedly the pinnacle moment of each dance season, it’s hardly representative of the hours upon hours of work it takes to get to that moment. The behind-the-scenes work – from conditioning, technique practice, number blocking, costume selection, and hours and hours of intensive rehearsal – builds the foundation for a successful show. Of course, all the audience sees is a riveting performance.

Thinking about my former dancing years reminds me of just how much out-of-sight activity the PR pros at the Bradford Group (a.k.a. groupies) pour into their work – work clients may never see, but work that undoubtedly plays a role in generating measurable results. Public relations, after all, isn’t a commodity you can buy outright. It’s a service – one that takes time, intentional strategy and lots of proactivity.

Here’s a peek at what’s going on behind-the-scenes of client work in the PR world:

  • News Scouring. To pitch the news is to first know the news. We dnewspapers mayevote time every day to learn what’s happening nationally, locally and within our clients’ industries and the verticals they serve. A lot of reading? You bet. But it gives us the knowledge and insight to make a strong case for why our clients deserve an interview.
  • Relationship Building. Getting a journalist to cover one of our clients in a story involves zero money changing hands. (Again, PR is not a commodity.) We can’t buy coverage, and it’s not as easy as throwing a press release in a reporter’s face. Since we are bonafide news junkies, as noted above, we take the time to read what reporters are talking about and are interested in, and we reach out to build rapport whether or not we’re “selling” a story. It builds a foundation for a trusted working relationship so that we can gracefully offer our clients to the press at the right moment when they need them.
  • Proactive Pitching. That being said, we’re always looking for ways to talk about our clients in front of the media. We love them and what they do and we’re not shy about telling journalists. Whether reporter inquiries come across on our desk or we find a good fit for a news follow-up, we’re sending out pitches left and right.
  • Internal Brainstorming. The Bradford Group is a group for a reason. We have some serious thinking power here, and each groupie brings a new perspective. We regularly collaborate on ways in which we can generate even more results for our clients.
  • Professional Development. Stagnation is for the bees, and it doesn’t fly at the Bradford Group. Whether we’re reading books, watching videos and webinars or attending conferences, we’ve got a thirst for professional development. As we grow into ultra seasoned PR pros, our clients will benefit from our constant learning.

This is only a glimpse into the behind the scenes work you’ll find at the Bradford Group, but we’re always open to more suggestions. What strategies lay the groundwork for your top-notch professional performance? Leave me a note below!



photo credit: Ink Stained Wretches via photopin (license)

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