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Are we jazzed about what video can do for lead generation?

September 30, 2013 Bradford Group Administrator

O yeah. I’m so jazzed I was listening to jazz when I wrote this blog.


Video is just one way we educate our clients’ customers, help distinguish their site, improve SEO and engage an audience.

Thanks to social media, online video is the future of increasing brand exposure and developing relationships with customers and leads. According to a Business Insider report, online video audiences are expected to double in 2016, reaching 1.5 billion globally.

We believe in the power of video, and are excited to announce a new inbound feature we’re using that will take our video work to the next level.

Our new inbound video platform allows us to:

Capture lead information within a marketing video without a landing page.

Yes, our email collector capability can capture leads within a video no landing page necessary (see picture below). Goodbye annoying video landing page, it was not nice knowing you.

Lead generation through video

Create smart lists for specific viewing behavior.

We can segment lists of leads based on the videos they have watched. Knowing their viewing behavior up front helps us lead them through the buying funnel more efficiently.

Drive custom workflows based on video activity.

We currently score each lead that comes through our inbound clients’ sites, and we can now score those leads based on their video activity. For example, every time one of our high scoring leads watches a ‘pricing’ or ‘get started’ video, we set up email alerts to notify you about their activity. If you care a lot about sales (if you don’t care about making more of them, please don’t call me), this is a game changer that translates into keeping your sales team plugged into your lead and prospect activity. An educated salesperson is a dangerously awesome thing to have on your side.

Track how every viewer watches your video with a video heatmap.

Curious to know where folks skip around on your video, what they re-watch, what they skip? We are too. We can give you insight and engagement graphs that show how your audience is watching your video. These trends all teach us how to create better, more engaging videos for your clients.

The examples below represent how one video was viewed on three different occasions. The green shows a constant stream of view, light yellow means a re-watch, heavy yellow shows more than one re-watch, while white shows portions that were skipped. What does this tell me as a marketer: there is something going on around the :35 to :40 mark that is captivating my audience. So, let’s build our next video around that specific topic or make sure we incorporate more of what’s being done in that portion in the next video.

Video tracking heatmaps

I’m really jazzed about how we’re using video for clients, and if you want to take a test drive, give me a call.


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