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Alex Newby Joins the Ranks of the AEs

July 23, 2015 Bradford Group Administrator


The Bradford Group recently promoted Audrey and Erica, and now it’s Alex Newby’s turn! We are so excited to have named Alex as our newest Account Executive. She’ll be handling public relations and marketing for multiple clients, including a health care company, legal services firm, insurance company and business-coaching firm.

Not only is Alex a smart, independent self-starter, but she also knows how to have fun! She has a great sense of humor and really values her coworkers.

Here’s what Alex has to say about her past year at the Bradford Group and living in Nashville.

What is the achievement you are most proud of as an Account Associate?

I think working on the Iroquois Steeplechase account was probably the most rewarding thing that I did as an AA. It’s only a one-day event, but it takes months to prepare. We started in the fall with social media, press releases and blogs on any updates and fun events. That continued through the spring. Plus, we sent out Steeplechase-themed publicity boxes to national media contacts and helped coordinate several events. Overall, it’s just an exciting account to be a part of because it’s centered around such an important Nashville tradition. I was extremely proud to see it all come together on race day.

What inspires you about your clients?

Every client inspires me in different ways. The people we work with are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the work they do and it’s contagious! Collectively, they fuel me to want to learn more about each industry and about the work that they do. They’re also extremely driven. Andy Bailey from Petra Coach, for example, travels several days out of the week to consult with businesses around the country. His drive and passion for the work he does makes it impossible to not jump on board and work harder too.

What is the best part about your job?

The people that I work with! We have a great group of people at the Bradford Group and they make the workday entertaining!

Now that you have an office, how are you going to decorate it?

Lots of picture of friends and family, including one of my grandparents in matching Mickey Mouse sweatshirts. Also, Molly got me a really cute plant for my desk that I’ll work diligently to keep alive.

What is your funniest memory (so far) from working here?

We might want to call this one my most embarrassing moment at the Bradford Group, but everyone really enjoys the story of how I spoke to Joy Williams (formerly of the Civil Wars) and hugged her when we ran into her in December.

What should have been an introduction turned into a very casual, “Hey!” Then, I talked with her so enthusiastically that a lot of the girls thought I knew her as a friend. But no… I’m actually just a creep.

What advice do you have for other AAs?

Ask questions! The AEs and SAEs that I work with have always been so helpful! They’re the ones that have taught me what agency life is all about.

What is your favorite part about living in Nashville?

There’s always something happening here! It’s bad for my budget, but good for my social life.

Join us in congratulating Alex on her well-deserved promotion!

2 comments on “Alex Newby Joins the Ranks of the AEs
  1. Laura Saylor Waldrip says:

    Congratulations Alex. Your extended family is very proud of you (Newby ). Sounds like you are having a great time along with an exciting career!

  2. Amanda Hood says:

    Congratulations Alex!

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