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A New Groupie Goal

June 9, 2014 Bradford Group Administrator


It’s no secret that Bradford Groupies love to celebrate hard work. These events, while often spontaneous, are usually in celebration of a successful quarter of goal-smashing for the Bradford Group. Every few months, with the help of business guru extraordinaire Andy Bailey, our company unites behind a common goal that we believe will move our business forward. We set tasks, we make plans and then we work our tails off to make it happen. It’s a simple formula.

east nashville hope exchangeThis quarter our goal is particularly special, because we have joined up with the East Nashville Hope Exchange (ENHE) to move the community forward with a creativity workshop for the youth in our area. In just a few weeks, each Bradford Groupie will unearth his or her special talent to lead kids through song, dance, arts and crafts and reading exercises as part of the Hope Exchange’s summer programming.

 East Nashville Hope Exchange is a non-profit organization focused on improving literacy of at-risk youth in Nashville. Its summer program assists first through third graders in developing and improving ready proficiency through creative instruction, guest speakers, field trips, skills training and mentoring. ENHE also provides healthy meals for participants through Nashville’s Summer Food Service program.

With a teacher ratio of 6:1, students receive intentional and focused guidance that fosters a love of year-round learning and enriches self-esteem. Family members are also invited to get involved through Parent Enrichment sessions that provide tools for a healthy, education-focused home.  ENHE is an incredible program that thrives on the dedication of teachers and volunteers and we are honored to put our efforts toward the cause.

Unlike our previous quarterly goals, the goal of helping our community won’t have an end date or a final celebration, because we will continue to support our new home and work to end illiteracy in our community. This goal isn’t going anywhere.


Check back here at the end of the month to learn more about this awesome event.

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