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A Much-Needed PR Spring Cleaning

March 17, 2014 Bradford Group Administrator

For me, there is nothing more satisfying than the annual spring clean. This year, in addition to sorting through clothes in my closet and dusting my house from top to bottom, I will also be de-cluttering and organizing those things that help with my public relations efforts.

So, take a step back from your daily tasks and think about how you can improve your PR projects this spring. Here is a checklist to help you get through:

1.    Media Lists

I’m not going to lie, media lists are grueling to create. But, a good media list is a PR professional’s best friend when it comes to pitching.

Publications close and reporters switch beats or move on to different outlets all too often. Make sure your go-to media lists are up-to-date by checking Cision or your preferred media relations software.

You can even write to reporters that you have relationships with to check in on what stories they are currently writing to see where your clients would fit.

2.    Fresh Ideas

At times, when you’re bogged down in day-to-day assignments and trying to keep up with deadlines, it’s possible to miss out on opportunities for clients.

Take an hour or two to think of fresh, new marketing ideas and pitching angles for clients. Think about what is trending in news now and how your clients can fit into those stories.

At the Bradford Group, we recently started doing a weekly “Digress & Digest” brainstorm session to fuel up on food (energy!) and offer each other different perspectives and ideas for clients that we don’t usually work on.

3.   Social Media

A company’s description and design should be consistent on its website, printed materials, promotional items and social media channels. Social media accounts are oftentimes forgotten when clients make changes to any part of their businesses.

Make sure that the “About You” description, profile images, avatars and cover photos are all up-to-date on your clients’ social media accounts.

4.    Swag

From embroidered hats to branded koozies, I love all client swag. However, just like spring-cleaning your closet at home, you have to decide what you’re going to keep, donate or ditch.

5.   Emails

Oy vey. Emails. If you’re like me and create folders for each of your clients (and subfolders for different projects), I can only hope that I’m not the only one with 400 emails in my inbox that need to be sorted.

Looking at this list may be a bit overwhelming, but just imagine how good you’ll feel when it’s all done. Good luck!
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