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A Few of Our Favorite Things (About the Bradford Group)

January 15, 2018 Bradford Group Administrator

Each PR pro here can tell you a different story about how they came to work at the Bradford Group. Some found it to be a good environment to start their PR careers, while others felt it was the perfect spot to move their careers to Nashville from other cities. And some wanted a change of pace and came over to “the dark side” from the journalism world. Whichever career move brought us here, we can all agree that this company is a great place to work.

Each day we work hard to deliver top-notch results for our clients, share ideas, learn from each other and have some fun as a group. I recently asked each of our team members what they enjoy most about working at this PR agency.

When it comes to the Bradford Group, these are a few of our favorite things:

Jeff Bradford

What I enjoy most about this company is working with such talented and committed people who put in their best every day to make the Bradford Group a great company. It is exciting and wonderful to see a well-organized and motivated group of people make things happen. It is important to me that this company offer our team the freedom to do great things.

I have many favorite memories here, but our first company quarterly retreat with Petra Coach stands out as the day we decided to get serious about building a company, rather than just doing the work.

Bradford Group 15 YearsGina Gallup

I like that I get to do many things and wear many hats here. There is never a boring day, and I get to tap into my slightly schizophrenic nature. Plus, I feel like I never stop learning. I’ve been doing this for a few years (ahem) but I’m still learning new things and new tactics for PR and marketing.

We have a great company culture, and everyone here works well together, supports each other and strives for excellence. I like being part of a great team. I have so many favorite memories here that I can’t choose just one! I’ve been here since the beginning of the company, so I’ve been able to witness so many wonderful things. I really enjoyed our 15th anniversary party that we had a couple of years ago and being able to go down memory lane. Check out the graphic showing highlights of our journey!

Damon Maida

By far, my favorite thing about working here is the people. Co-workers can really make or break the experience at any workplace, and we’ve got excellent people here who support each other, all work hard and have great senses of humor. I think the fact that we’re always looking for more ways that we can invest in our culture is a good sign.

Besides my ten-minute commute (which is awesome), the Bradford Group has offered me more opportunities to lead and manage accounts, as well as learn about accounts in different verticals. The size of the teams and the diversity of accounts we serve ensures that our days are never boring!

My favorite memory from working at this company is the zip-line challenge at our Q4 planning session…oh, wait…that didn’t actually happen, but I wish it would! I’ve had a lot of fun experiences here, but I’d have to say that the holiday party at Jeff’s house was definitely a highlight. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the “Bradford” in the Bradford Group a little better and meet everyone’s significant others, as well. And, though this was not a work event, I also enjoyed watching the July 4th fireworks from our office kitchen window – the best view in East Nashville!

Molly Aggas

I love the variety of work we do – from social media to blogging to ghost writing to pitching, you’re able to jump around a lot. That’s the reason I wanted to work at a smaller agency. You get to wear all the hats. I still remember how excited (and exhausted) I was after my first Steeplechase a few years ago. We had been planning for almost a year and even after a 3 a.m. wakeup call (to get to the grounds to line up TV interviews for the morning news), seeing how well everything came together was pretty incredible. The fact that I got to drive a golf cart might have added to the fun.

Amy Stevens

The team is a pleasure to work with and always ready to jump in and provide excellent expertise and insight. Something that the Bradford Group offers that my previous roles have not are Beer Fridays and a leader who is always accessible. I’ve also especially liked the community service events we’ve done as a group, like helping out at Catholic Charities and Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee.

TeamworkSpencer Turney

What I like best about the Bradford Group is we are a tight-knit group that aims to take the organization in exciting new directions. My role here offers me independence in completing my tasks and the freedom to source out-of-the-box media opportunities. Our culture events (such as bowling at Pinewood) are great, and the lavish Christmas parties are always a win.

Claire Long

The Bradford Group really embodies the characteristics of a team. We share the responsibilities and the rewards of a job well done. Together we’re able to brainstorm new ideas, learn from each others’ experiences and contribute to the overall goals of the company and our clients.

I really appreciate the flexibility of working here. We’re allowed to work from home twice a month, which is the perfect way to get out of your normal routine and work in a fresh space. I also enjoy participating in community service projects with the team. We try to do this every quarter or so, and each activity has always been time well spent. Whether it’s packaging food or sorting clothing donations, taking just a few hours out of our busy schedules gives us the chance to bond with the team and serve others.

Jonathan Houghton

My favorite part of working at the Bradford Group is how close-knit the company is. I’ve always worked for larger employers, and I didn’t realize until coming here how different the atmosphere would be at a boutique firm like this. There’s a real sense of purpose, that we’re all on the same team, and I like that. As for a favorite memory, I always enjoy our Beer Friday gatherings. They’re a great way to wind down and ease out of work mode before the weekend.

Julia Motis

My favorite part about working at the Bradford Group is how tight knit everyone is. In such a small company, I love that we all collaborate with each other professionally, but also know about each others’ lives on a personal level. My previous job was a remote position, so I didn’t have co-workers to interact with. I was missing that sense of community and collaboration. My favorite memory is how into dreidel everyone got during our Beer Friday Hanukkah celebration!

Nashville Humane Association VolunteerMelinda LaFollette

As for me, I am drawn most to the collaborative environment we have here. This is one smart group filled with fantastic ideas about how to best promote our clients and the innovative work they do throughout the country. Every week we sit down together to brainstorm new campaigns, pitch angles and general big ideas for our clients. Also, each person here is always just a few steps (or clicks, for our remote members) away and ready to toss ideas around at any moment. I feel that I have learned a lot from the expertise of others at this agency and have really grown in the ways I approach my work thanks to them.

I do enjoy giving back to the community and the Bradford Group does a great job of that. I have particularly fond memories of the day we got to spend time with the puppies and other pets up for adoption at the Nashville Humane Association. I mean, who wouldn’t love spending time with that little guy?!

What do you think makes a great company culture in any industry?

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