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9 Nashville Reporters to Follow on Twitter

July 24, 2015 Bradford Group Administrator

DeathtoStock_Creative Community6Twitter is so much more than an overload of “relatable” GIFs and the random spambot follow. Social media platforms, especially Twitter, provide access to what every public relations practitioner dreams of having: a professional, well-established relationship with her local reporters.

PR experts rely on their reporters. Reporters cover what’s most important to our communities and the world, and it’s our job as PR professionals to stay on top of their articles and interests and to pitch them fitting, innovative story ideas.

Twitter, of course, is a huge help for that. But only if you’re following the right reporters.

I’ve rounded up some of Nashville’s top writers that have an especially strong Twitter presence and are must-follows for every Nashvillian.

What are you waiting for? Follow along!

Emily Siner, @SinerSays: One of my favorite voices on WPLN in the mornings is one of my top reporters to follow on Twitter, too. Emily covers both breaking news and feature stories on her account. (She’s also a winner in my book for her pinned tweet from 2011: “Talking about the future of journalism. Conclusion TBA.”)

Kristin Luna, @lunaticatlarge: Kristin’s love for covering all things lifestyle in Nashville makes her a no-brainer follow, but it’s her gorgeous photos of both Music City and outside-of-Nashville travel destinations that keep us hooked for good. Follow her on Instagram, too.

Holly Thompson, @WSMVHollyT: Holly, a news anchor for Channel 4 News, tweets breaking news, upcoming Channel 4 news and even simple questions to better interact with her followers. She’s a refreshing take against non-stop, automated Twitter feeds. 

Eleanor Kennedy, @NSHBIZKennedy: Eleanor covers healthcare and technology for the Nashville Business Journal. Her self-proclaimed professional goal is to “be hilarious and informative on Twitter,” and we think she nails it right on the head.

Knight Stivender, @knightstivender: As general manager of 12th & Broad and co-founder of Girls to the Moon, Knight Stivender knows Nashville better than the back of her hand. Her tweets cover a range of Nashville news: from the current #VoteYall charge to the latest neighborhood events.

Lizzy Alfs, @lizzyalfs: If you ever want to know if your favorite store is opening another location (or if Jeni’s Ice Cream has closed or re-opened yet again) Lizzy has the tweet for it. She’s The Tennessean’s aptly named retail reporter.

Eric Snyder, @NSHBIZSnyder: The managing editor of the Nashville Business Journal ought to have a great Twitter presence, right? Well, Eric does, and we follow him to keep tabs on every big story in the Nashville business community.

Chris Cannon, @NC5_ChrisCannon: NewsChannel 5 reporter Chris keeps his followers on their toes with up-to-the-minute reports on breaking news. Follow him for the news you need instantly.

Steven Hale, @iamstevenhale: The Nashville Scene is known for their top-notch music and culture reporting, and staff writer Steven’s feed is no exception. He covers just about everything on Twitter—even the latest Twitter trends and feuds.

And of course, be sure to follow Nashville’s news publications’ primary Twitter handles for endless local and national news.

Did I miss your favorite reporter to follow on Twitter? Let me know in the comments! Find PR professionals to follow on Twitter here.

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