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6 Takeaways From My PR Internship at the Bradford Group

December 1, 2015 Bradford Group Administrator

Written by exiting intern Holly Patton.

My position as the Bradford Group’s fall intern has come to a close and, boy, am I sad.

It has been a wonderful season being with this bunch of public relations pros. I celebrated the Bradford Group’s 15th birthday party, saw some of what goes into planning the 2016 Antiques and Garden Show of Nashville (which just announced that Gwyneth Paltrow is the featured speaker for the keynote program!) and discovered that Bagel Face Bakery is right down the street from our office.

I’m walking away with a plethora of new information and experience, both professional and personal. So, as my parting words, I’d like to share some takeaways from my time as a Groupie.

1. Be responsive.

The line of communication among the Groupies is fast and frequent. Among my friends, I’m infamous for being a bad texter. I’ll look at my phone or email, respond in my head, and forget to actually type out an answer. Being here has improved my response time in all forms of electronic communication – and my friends are very thankful.

Erica2. Bring a blanket.

It’s cold in here.

Luckily, I got the window seat.

3. Ask questions about the clients.

From Concept Technology, Inc. to Petra Coach, the Bradford Group caters to a wide range of Nashville’s booming business world. It’s a lot to keep up with. I had to ask questions to get familiar with the expansive client list. As a young professional in the business world, I got to take an in-depth look at the structure of some of Nashville’s biggest and best companies. And as a native Nashvillian, I learned more about the businesses that keep my city thriving.

View4. Look at the Nashville skyline.

I think everyone in the office would agree that it’s hard to ignore the view of the Lego-like Nashville skyline that we have from our kitchen window. It’s hard not to just stop and stare for a few moments. Don’t get me wrong—the Groupies hit the ground running the moment they enter the office. But it’s a nice break during the day’s activity.

5. Know how to multi-task. 

Trust me; this is non-negotiable. Multiple tabs open, notes scrawled on yellow legal pads, phone calls back and forth between offices—you have to be ready for a full plate. But it’s full of good things!

Desk6. Choose the right background noise.

Sometimes tuning into our work mode means tuning out the office noises around us. My background noise of choice changed depending on the kind of work I was doing. “Erik Satie” Pandora station, Leon Bridges and the “This American Life” podcast were usually in my headphones.

I’m sad to leave this great group of people…but I’m not leaving empty-handed.

Thank you, Bradford Groupies!

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