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6 Reasons Why I Love Working at the Bradford Group

August 12, 2014 Molly Garvey

Last month I celebrated my two-year anniversary as a Bradford Groupie. Two years is a pretty long time. At least for me, who in the last two years graduated from college (go Tigers!), moved to a new city seven hours from home and started my first “real person” job. I’ve learned a lot in the last two years—and I consider myself lucky to love my job. Why do I love it so much? Probably for the same reasons our clients love working with us.

1. Experience. At the Bradford Group, we work with clients in various industries, so we have to know a little a lot about a lot. For example, I work on five accounts—a nationally renowned horse race, a technology company, a wholesale distributor of HVAC products, a commercial insurance firm and an entrepreneurial organization that consists of more than 100 successful entrepreneurs. For my clients, I handle everything from public relations and social media to marketing efforts and event planning. So not only do we know a lot about our clients’ industries, but we also have an understanding of how our services can help them reach the right people and grow their businesses.

Iroquois Steeplechase

Jeff and I after another successful Steeplechase

2. Growth. Simply put, it’s pretty cool to work for a company that’s growing as much as we are. When I interviewed here in 2012, Jeff Bradford told me the company had grown 200% in the last year. And we haven’t stopped growing since. Hence our move last February.

the Bradford Group Nashville

The view from our new offices in East Nashville

3. Knowledge. From my clients, most of whom started his or her business from the ground up, to my coworkers, I’m surrounded by smart people every day. We ask questions and learn from one another, but we also know when there’s a simple answer waiting for us on Google. Basically, we do what it takes to get things done—quickly and efficiently. Our clients rely on us to move their businesses forward, so it’s up to us to advise them on the best solutions to their problems.

the Bradford Group

Our core values

4. Coworkers. Because most agencies are on the smaller size, it was important to me that I have a great group of teammates to work with. Like I said, my fellow Groupies are smart people. They’re also fun to be around, which makes work a fun place to be. We meet regularly to collaborate on different projects and ideas and on Fridays at 4 p.m. we stop and have a beer together. Plus, every quarter we plan a company outing to celebrate success.

the Bradford Group

The Groupies at Escape Nashville after our last quarterly celebration

5. Writing. Whether it’s drafting crafty social media posts and website content or writing white papers and ghostwriting guest columns, we do a lot of writing around here. To ensure new employees have top-quality writing skills, we ask them to submit writing and proofreading tests before giving them an interview.

6. Involvement. When I entered the real world, I knew I didn’t want to work at a big company where entry-level employees were invisible. Thankfully I found the Bradford Group, where we all participate in the hiring process and attend quarterly retreats, where we make decisions about where we are and where we want to be. Making these decisions as a group means we’re more invested in the future of our company and the success of our clients.

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