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3 Ways to Jazz Up Your Company Blog

October 3, 2017 Bradford Group Administrator

If you’re a content marketer or a business owner in the B2B space, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the importance of blogging. A blog can improve organic search results and SEO and yield 67% more leads than other forms of marketing. As PR pros, the importance of blogging is a topic we often discuss with prospective clients.

Starting a blog is the easy part, maintaining it can be a challenge. How often should you update your company blog? There are many factors that go into the frequency of your content, but to keep your blog performing at its best you should post as often as possible.

The thought of creating new content on a regular basis, on top of the many other responsibilities of running and marketing a business, can be daunting. Here are three easy ways to keep your content fresh and your stress levels at a minimum.

Better Blog - VideoGet creative with visual content

Reports show that the average attention span has decreased from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to eight seconds today. We have very little time to get our messages across before the reader moves on to something else. In fact, if you’re still reading this – thanks for sticking with me.

No matter how interesting the topic, if you make your reader scroll through too much text he will quit before he reaches the end. But if he can watch a video or skim through an infographic, you have a much better chance of keeping his attention. Video, in particular, is becoming increasingly important. A Hubspot report shows that 43% of people want more video content from marketers, and 51.9% of marketers feel video has the best ROI of all content types.

What’s more, video content is easy to create! Shoot the video using your smartphone or standard camera, edit it with user-friendly software like iMovie or Final Cut Pro and upload it to the blog with a simple introductory paragraph. And that’s a wrap!

Feature the expertise of someone else

When you have a hard time writing about a topic for your blog, bring in another expert to do it for you. Guest blogging is a great way to bring a new voice to your blog, build relationships with others in your industry and spotlight more people who make your company great.

You don’t have to look too far to find a guest blogger either. Have you started a new partnership or signed on a new client? Invite them to introduce themselves or share their perspective on your partnership on the blog. Is the company supporting a local nonprofit? Ask your contact to tell a story about the organization’s mission. Do others in your company have a knack for writing? Have them author posts about your company’s culture.

You’ve got great blog content working with and for you every day. Be sure to tap into it.

Help your readers become as smart as you are

Better Blog - Resource ArticlesHow did you become an expert in your field? You read, and likely continue to read, other articles on your industry, right? If you want your blog readers to find value in your writing, don’t just post self-serving content. Show your readers you want to help them better themselves and their businesses as well.

Share lists of your favorite resources for personal and professional improvement. This includes the top industry blogs you read, websites where you get relevant news, tools that help you succeed at your job and your favorite articles on different topics pertaining to your industry. Here’s an example from the Bradford Group blog.

An added bonus, including outbound links in your content will improve your SEO.

When creating blog content gets to be too much, there are ways to make it more fun for yourself and your readers.

What creative blog content have you seen companies create?

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