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3 Reasons Tech Companies Need a PR Firm

August 15, 2016 Bradford Group Administrator

In business and in media, technology is all the rage. Software, IT, informatics, telecommunications, cloud, big data—you name it, it’s hot. So time to make a PR splash, right?



Technology companies, like any company, can significantly improve their local and national media presence, brand awareness and sales leads by putting some muscle behind a carefully planned public relations and social media effort. Like the doers and innovators they are, many try to forge the media frontier on their own—or simply assume the press will come to them.

Fair warning—it’s a wild world out there. Securing media placements and delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right people, takes skill, finesse and experience. While every company will gain results from seasoned PR pros, there are three reasons why technology companies, in particular, benefit from a PR firm.


  • Tech is tricky. While those in your tech company are experts in coding, software, sales or whatever else is in your wheelhouse, those that you’re selling to most likely are not as savvy. The difference between SaaS, IaaS and PaaS? It may be just alphabet soup to those outside the tech circle.

Working with a PR agency with technology expertise gives you a valuable bridge to media coverage. Your PR team understands technology (at least it is if you work with the Bradford Group), but they also know how to translate it to the masses. They are able to look beyond the features of your product or service to find a compelling story that will spark a reporter’s interest. It could be a story about how your company built its success, or it could be about a new way your client base is solving a problem with your technology. They’ll find those nuggets, no matter how deeply they may be hidden.


  • Tech is everywhere. The trouble with technology is that it’s really tough to stand out today. The press doesn’t have the resources or wherewithal to talk about every great innovation that hits the market. There are thousands of incredible companies out there no one’s ever heard of, simply because the industry moves faster than the press’s capacity to talk about it.

To get media coverage, you have to know how to break through all of this noise. And that’s where PR teams shine. They know how to pull your expertise and your products into trending topics, and frame stories so they’ll catch the attention of a journalist.


  • Tech-talk doesn’t go very far. Technology buzzwords like “solution,” “leading,” “cutting-edge” and “optimization” don’t go very far in the eyes of the media. It’s amazing how many tech websites I read that are packed with jargon, but completely lack substance.

PR firms know what journalists, as well as your target audience, are looking for—and what they aren’t. We turn tech-talk into people-speak so that the real value of what you do—and why you do it—is what people read and remember.

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