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3 Productivity Practices that Companies Can Learn from PR Agencies

December 13, 2018 Kensington Wieland

Floor to ceiling windows, coffee runs, press conferences, happy hours, impressive media hits, fancy functions. This is the perception that many people have when I tell them that I work at a public relations agency.  Okay, so we do have a pretty awesome office view, a weekly happy hour and marvelous media hits, but the rest of what we do is the age-old equation to success: hard work. Since our optimal goal as a company is to retain and gain satisfied clients, it’s vital to the health of our company that we are as productive as possible to achieve outstanding results. When one team member’s productivity is failing, we all suffer, which is why we implement the following strategies to ensure continued success. Looking for ways to boost your company productivity in the new year? Check out some practices that PR agencies have relied on to achieve their company goals:


1. Track Your Time

“I’m so busy.” “I don’t have time.” “I just don’t have enough hours in the week.” Have you ever caught yourself uttering one of these phrases? Might be time to track your time! Time management expert and author of 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think, Laura Vanderkam argues that the people who feel like they don’t have enough time in the day often do, they just aren’t able to control it properly. “People who feel like they have enough time are exceedingly mindful of their time. They take ownership of their lives and reflect on their lives, figuring out what worked and what didn’t,” says Vanderkam. Even if you aren’t in a profession that bills work by the quarter-hour, tracking your time at work can allow you to see how much of your time is spent on efforts that are actually spurring measurable results. Grab a piece of paper, a pen and a bit of discipline and see how much more time, peace and control you’ll be able to add into your day!


2. Delegate

It’s no secret that everyone has a lot on their plate, however, our company model forces everyone to delegate in order to accomplish everything we need to for our clients. We don’t just accept delegating, we encourage it! Take a step back and think about small tasks that you do daily that could be given to another person on your team. Delegation can be an exceptional asset for all levels of employees in the company. For the manager, it frees up time to tackle big projects or strategies, but for the employee, it allows them to take on responsibility and grow their professional skill set, and it encourages them to prove themselves as an asset to the team.


3. Schedule What You Won’t Do

You know that thing that creeps onto your to-do list every week or month that you just keep putting off? It may be a monthly report, a spreadsheet that needs tweaking, a subscription you keep meaning to renew or that co-worker you’d like to meet for lunch. Schedule it! At the Bradford Group, we value being an active partner to our clients, which means we schedule weekly team brainstorm sessions, where laptops close and ideas flow for an hour each week. Knowing that having a close knit team won’t happen by accident, we schedule quarterly outings, weekly happy hours and ways to relax and have fun as a team. Blocking off time during our work week to prioritize things that wouldn’t get done otherwise has made all the difference in building the team success and culture that we value.




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