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18 Things Natalie Townsend taught me about PR and marketing

March 13, 2014 Bradford Group Administrator

Tomorrow, my good friend and colleague, Natalie Townsend, starts a new adventure in Boston. We’ve been working together at the Bradford Group for about three years—we’ve shared a wall, clients, walks to The Stahlman, countless bottles of wine and at least one or two stellar ideas.

She’s our Director of Happiness, resident Vols fan and my go-to brainstormer.

She’s taught me so much about marketing and PR, and life in general. So, as she leaves us for a new challenge, I wanted to take the time to share with you 18 things I’ve learned from Natalie Townsend, PR-related and otherwise.

1.) The three ingredients of a non-pitchable client story: “No happy ending, way too long and boring.”

2.) On Twitter, if a reporter shares her love of dogs, don’t be shy, share back.


3.) Any headline that references The Wizard of Oz or Blade is definitely worth reading.

4.) If you have a four-page press release, edit it to two.

5.) It’s not a big deal until you read it in the paper.

6.) We have the skills and talent needed to make marketing more human.

7.) Make the magic happen.


8.) Check in with clients often. Don’t be a pest. But make it a habit to have casual conversations with your client about anything new that’s come up in the time between your scheduled meetings.

9.) Michael Phelps’ likeness belongs on a t-shirt. Preferably, in her closet.

10.) It’s not an “annual” if it’s the first one.

11.) Hands-down, the best way to start a pitch.


12.) There’s nothing like a quickie blog post for a quickie SEO boost.

13.) The definition of “genius?” Natalie’s attempt at making something out of the vagueness.

14.) Early morning events require a gallon of high-quality coffee and warm socks.

15.) When Bradford Groupies and a defenseless piñata meet, everyone ends up a winner.


16.) The two best blogs for marketing/PR professionals: Muck Rack and Chief Marketer.

17.) If you want people to like your Christmas cookies, give the bow a major fluff.

18.) And lastly, presents make everything better.


We’ll miss you Ms. Natalie. I know all of us at the Bradford Group wish you complete success up in Boston.

Best of luck,



P.S. Always remember your first assessment of Boston, “Everyone loves hearing a southern accent. And ‘hot weather’ to Bostonians is hilarious. They were really proud of their 80-degree weather this week :)”

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